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Twitter Rant

Twitter is a great way to connect with fans. And I had heard on a horror writing podcast that it can be viewed as a sort of resume of sorts, by the publishing houses who will probably have someone research a writer that is trying to get a contract.  The followers and the posts and how many interactions and with whom, and don't forget impressions, all work together to forge an overall image of the writer. But what if most of those followers are bogus, fake accounts? How do you know?  Personally, I use an application called Crowdfire. This application lets you see who "follows" and "unfollows" you, and there are many other features that one may find to be useful.  But then there is the feature, and advise, on how to hack a large following. And I don't feel that this is helpful to the person trying to build a real audience, or group of like-minded peers.  Think about it: You have 10 thousand followers, but half of them are fake, created to make people t

Different Writing Selves

Happy Friday morning. I was coming into work this morning and thought about the blog. I wondered why with certain posts I can't start them and add here and there when I get the chance. And then realized it's because I'm in a different mood (writer) at different times.  I had read somewhere that artists sometimes seem to be possessed by a spirit when they change into "character." Like a musician who has an alter ego (or a few) on stage that they claim takes over when they perform.  I'm not saying that's happening to me. I'd like to think it's my soul, just different versions of it, but it's there. I was looking at my blog writing self as a different person than the writing self that had been thinking about... well, you get the picture. (I hope).  The different writer version of myself, or the others, would look at the things I wrote and go, "hmmm, well, maybe I wouldn't have wrote it that way," or cringe at times.  I guess