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Horror with Marchese and Buller 12/30/2018

Check out the latest episode from Gary and I. We talk about our Christmas and what we got, and we talk about video games.  Check it out below.  WCM 

Rainy Day

Should anyone be working today? Luckily I asked about my schedule, otherwise I'd be doing a 10 to 7.  I managed to get an 8 to 5. There will be practically no one in today, and the few meetings scheduled will probably no-show.  Granted, I'll be getting some writing in, if my co-workers leave me alone. They can't find things to do themselves.  To top off this morning, it's raining outside and supposed to get worse. So maybe the few that might have thought about coming in will think twice.  Here's hoping.  I managed to get here for a quick coffee, gotta keep it leafing.  Monday is going to be a ghost-town. New Years Eve in New York City? Forgettaboutit. (checked Google, spelled it right, nice! Guess I better know being I'm from here!) Or however it's spelled (haha).  Well, just thought I'd check in. Check you later.  WCM

A Little Time Well Spent

Had a little time before work starts. Just about two hours.  I worked on some stories. This time of year means no one on the road in busy New York, empty cafe. Time to read/think/write.  I have to get into work now, but like the sign I'll pass now on my way into the job says, this has been time well spent.  Talk soon.  WCM

Changes In the New Year

Some changes are coming for the new year.  I am going to try and focus more on why I'm here in the first place--to write.  The things I've seen most during my time with social media is people saying they have to do this, or that.  Well, at least with myself, I don't see that happening while spending so much time posting.  But Will, you're posting blog entries?  True, but these are usually warm-ups to a writing session, or if I have a spare moment to get some thought off my mind.  Nothing better for writing than to actually write.  And read. So very important.  So that's another pledge to myself. I plan on reading and reading a lot.  I found myself saying over and over how I don't have time to do this or that, yet I was constantly posting on the internet.  Plus, I'm starting to see social media can be toxic if not careful. There will probably be more thoughts on that sometime later.  But for now it's time to reflect on the year, what

A Quick Sketch

A quick sketch at work.  Might mess around with this one a bit more later on with a artist program. Add more shadows and detail. 

What Are Those Chinese Golden Nuggets?

I was in a Chinese restaurant buying some food and saw a poster with these golden nuggets all around a man.  I wondered what these items were, because they had a very appealing nature to them.  I found out that they are Chinese golden ingots and symbolize wealth, abundance and prosperity.  All interesting, and makes sense it was on display in a place of business, but they give me a feeling I can't explain too well.  When I see them I am inspired. I want to create. I imagine what it might be like to exist in the world depicted in the poster.  Besides the aesthetic pleasure I get from them.  Then again, gold itself is aesthetically pleasing when shinny and such.  Pretty interesting stuff.  WCM

Spread Too Thin?

I'm testing here and there posts where I don't alert social media, and feel I might post random thoughts like this more often. The good thing is I wouldn't feel anxiety about having to post the notification on all my social media outlets.  Takes a lot of pressure off me when I just want to get a few thoughts off my mind quickly.  So I got to thinking about if I'm spreading myself too thin.  And come to think of it, the first part of this post does deal with this a bit.  All those social media sites I feel I have to alert of when I have a thought. Some thoughts should just be thrown onto the blog without fanfare.  Why not?  But it's not just that. Then there's making YouTube videos, and creating content for Instagram, like billboards (that's what I call them). Guess they're thumbnails on YouTube.  It can become overwhelming and I'm here to write, right?  Well, the answer is obvious.  So streamlining things might be the answer.  I&#

Editing Videos

This will probably be one of those posts I don't shoot a Tweet or shout to the rooftops of social media about.  I've been testing something.  I have been wondering how I can include some sort of video with my YouTube videos without the lag of a webcam and came up with something.  It's tricky, but I think it will work.  So I will record the video with Gary as usual, but will also be recording myself with my phone simultaneously.  Then, I will later lower the audio on the my phone camera video and take the audio from the show Gary and I do and merge them together. So you see my video.  Now, if I want to go one step further. I can record Gary doing a video conference and then put the video I record right next to his, so it looks like we're doing a proper video chat.  The only way I can make Gary's video smooth like how I believe my video should come out is if he records a video as well, but then he'd have to be on a computer and he records from his ph

Horror with Marchese and Buller 12/16/2018

New show on the YouTube channel.  Gary Buller and I talked about the holidays and video gaming during the break.  Also we chat about the Resident Evil 2 remake.  Check out the link below. 

Signs Are Everywhere

I'm in the cafe writing, thinking about what I could possibly write for the blog.  I have a pretty decent session with a story I'm tinkering with and then realize the time.  I get up to go and just after pushing through the revolving doors, I see this.  I've talked about the subject before. There's a movie called The Secret. It's very interesting how goals can come to you if you just think about them. Everything starts as a thought.  As that story went, I had just finished the movie on my phone on the train into work when I looked up and saw a billboard that said STOP WAITING.  The movie had just been talking about noticing the signs .  The really strange thing about this sign, a wooden billboard with the words maybe painted on, was that I never saw it again after that day. I think I see part of the wood frame that held it, but not sure.  Very strange.  Such a funny occurrence. I couldn't believe it. There was the sign I'd been

Horror with Marchese and Buller (Kris McFadden)

This week we have on Kris McFadden AKA Tha Pessimist.  You can watch in the player below.  Please check out the other videos and subscribe if you like the videos.  Let me know what you think in the comments section.  WCM

All Dolled Up With Nothing to Write

What do you write about when you have nothing to write about? I remember as a kid having my favorite toy.  When guests would come over, I'd grab that favorite toy and present it proudly. This is my toy, look, it represents what I feel about myself as a kid, and I'm proud of it.  Of course (well, maybe) the adult never understood all the underlying connotations the toy represented. That toy would never get used the way I wanted to use it, but I liked it. Loved it. Something about it, as if I could see into the future and all was okay, it was an alright place.  It embodied something about myself, gave me a brief window into my adult years of thought.  Yeah yeah, it was just a toy, I know.  I would look at it and want to play with it, but never have the chance. And when I did it didn't live up to what I thought it would. Of course eventually the yearning fizzled out and new toys were had.  But that toy was remembered, for the most part.  I guess

New Episode on YouTube

My writer buddy Gary Buller and I talk about horror and things with Mark Nixon.  He is creator of Shadows at the Door.  Please give a listen and subscribe. 

I Love Hot Sauce

The local convenience store has some great items. Gag items, old school toys--some from even before my days.  The store was decked with all the holiday goods, even a Santa Claus beckoning in customers.  He danced and lured and my daughter took a picture with him. He tightrope-walked the curb and we went into the store.  Enough of that, I needed Christmas lights! Some of my current ones blew out.  Chocolates and decorations and crazed consumers greeted me. Ugh, I just want one thing!  I go to where I know the lights are, where they've always been, of course not until I point out the cooler of the decorations and gag items to my wife like a little kid.  Everything pulled my attention. From the cool decorations, to the wild hot sauce concoctions they offered.  And of course one of the lights I need wasn't there.  I didn't want to go to the other place further away, plus that place was always packed and crazy.  We ended up going across the street, to