Never Too Late

You're older, or getting older. You see many young writers starting out with their promising careers.
You've put off writing for a bit, but come back to it years later. Or you're in the middle of a hiatus and worry you won't have the imagination any longer?
Please, of course you will.
I was reading an article where a lady published her first book at 55. She had put her dream off to focus on other jobs and ambitions that brought her close to her dream of writing, but they were only boosting her self-esteem. She started on her path, and then went off it a few times. But my point is, those chances were always there. They never left.
Yeah there are songs that say you only get one shot, and perhaps in certain circumstances, for certain goals, those sayings may be correct, but nowhere does it say you can't start from scratch, you can always rebuild. The stories are still in your drawer,or wherever you left them. You can edit. You can write new stories.
It's never too late to make your dream happen.
But I'm not going to sit here and say flowery things to get you off the hook. Get up and start now, take a few minutes to put some ideas together.
Allow yourself those few moments.
And then add to those moments. Before you know it you'll see time grow.


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