Blogging Saves Lives

Never did I think I'd ever be doing something like a blog. I never thought I'd be down to post my thoughts for the world to potentially see.

I wanted some sort of a reason, like some write about tech, some about video games. But to give enough news about those subjects you'd need more than just one person, and there would be many posts a day. 

Well, you could have your average tech fan who writes an article here and there--similar to what I'd probably do when the feelings arise. I love tech, but have so much going on it would be a lot. Though, I used to really keep up with it, and video games. 

Then you can have the person who is successful at, lets say, writing. They put out a blog to fans, but this consists of their personal life--because the fans may care about that sort of thing. 

You can have the blogger who shares their daily experiences of what they go through on their path to becoming what they want. Writer, artist, musician etc. 

I guess that's the slot I fall into right now. I wanted to reach others, but didn't have a vehicle with which to do it. 

So motivation and what I'm going through on the path to my ultimate goal. 

Best selling author. Or at least paid writer living off of what I love and not working the terrible day job. :)

As things progress, or problems arise, others can read and see what to do or not to do. 

As I have done tons of research, those looking will hopefully find my words and be able to piece together some sort of battle plan. 

Maybe I can entertain, or be that voice someone needs to keep going one more day. If that's the case, most of my goal has already been met. 

Writing is an escape, a window into another person's mind. Some resonate with others more, some have universal thoughts projecting out to everyone. 

But one thing that is for sure, even though we are all individual, we are still one and the same in many ways. 

So get your words out there. Meditate. Release tension. Learn from yourself. Help others in the process. But do it. 


Tag me and let me know if I motivated you, I'd love to hear it. 



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