Placebo Effect

I heard a news report where they gave a set group of people a new drug, and then another set a placebo--a pill that is either nothing, or a sugar pill. 

Most of the time the placebo results come very close to the drug results, but if there is a tiny bit more of a percentage, I guess that proves the case for that drug. 

But that's another story. 

This one is about the power of your mind. 

Just think; the same way that a placebo somehow worked on the set of people given it and not the actual medication, you can use your mind to do anything you want. 


There are so many methods to deploy. You have to be positive, believe in yourself. We can do this, it's all about staying focused. Don't listen to negativity. 

In the end, those who have stuck it out will achieve their goal. But positive affirmation doesn't hurt. Use your mind to make you believe. 

Now get out there and do your thing! 



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