Earnest, More than Just Hemingway

I just read a post by a buddy of mine who runs Deadlights magazine. He posted about an online program that takes all the editing features out of writing. So you can't go back and edit. 

Everything that comes out has to stay out. 

Then it got me thinking. There are points to this that would actually work. 

I imagined myself just typing out the story, not looking back to fix things, but maybe to remember something. But continuing to move on. 

Some things don't work, but I can't delete. 

I can't EDIT! 

Then I thought about how much we delete out of our stories. How any scenes that could have worked--that could have propelled the story to the inevitable ending--I may have deleted. 

I also realized that if you keep typing, just keep going, don't look back, eventually an ending will come. 

Now when you go back you can edit, but you'll see exactly where you want to go. 

I think this can really help a lot of people. It's one thing to say you won't edit, or delete words, but to be FORCED to. 

Now you have no choice. 

I'd definitely give this a shot, I mean, what have you got to loose besides what might have been thrown out gems? 

Oh, and you don't have to sign up for anything, or worry about saving in the cloud. It saves locally for you. 

Check out the site here. 


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