Hours of Work for Minutes of Joy

I was at the supermarket when my little one started acting up. She wanted to know how we made money, because parents were supposed to just give it to kids for toys--lol. 

I, of course, go into the speach of how you have to work for the things you get in life, for money to live, for toys, and how much work goes into the things that bring small amounts of fun when compared to how much work was put into them. 

Like books. How the author has to think up and write the story, and the illustrator has to create the pictures, and the publisher has to put everything together, among other things. 

I hope it made her realize a little that all that gives quick fun is not always easy. There is work that goes into it. 

Writing the story, reading it over and over and editing it to get everything bad out, to make the sentences flow, the hours, days, months, and sometimes even YEARS, that go into the story just so someone can consume it in a day to a week. 

But it's worth it, in the end. 

This was inspiration for myself, even as I was teaching my child, about how much work has to go into something you care deeply for. 

You have to pour yourself into it, work hard, to have the spoils later.

Maybe this thought can help motivate you, as well. 



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