Tech Reviews and More

I've often wondered about writing tech reviews, and thoughts about new devices and how people are using them.

And then you see all these writers who have degrees in the industry, and have all this background, and you say, eh, maybe it's best to leave it to them.

But then I realized when I look for advice, and reviews, I not only go to the big-time places, but also seek out the opinions of individuals who may have a YouTube channel, or happen upon their blog in a search.

Sometimes these reviews prove more valuable. Not because they know anything more, but I get to see how the device is used in the real world.

Sure, there are the specs I want to know about, and those big sites are great for that. But I want the opinions of real people using the item. And sometimes you get a bonus with the tech specs, too.

It's no wonder I see independent reviews popping up and becoming more popular. You can really learn something from them. Stick with them, usually they up their game as more and more posts go up.

So I may do a few of these here and there. If they help, then that's great.

Until then.



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