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A Horse And Water

12/30/2022 A lot not getting posted haha. But that's ok. I'm trying to reach my goal of at least one a day. Plus, this is therapy for me as well. To get things off my chest. Things I don't usually say out loud. Things I don't want to think about because they aren't the type of things you want to think about. Sometimes.   I've made this so as not to imply anyone. It's just something eating me at the moment, and I want to write about it. Get it off my chest.   There is a person. I'll leave it at that. This person I love very much. I don't blame this person for certain things, as times were very hard and quite a few bad things were happening at that point in time where "certain things" needed help with. There, I'll leave it at that.    I just hate that I try to help this person, I try to give solutions, to the best of my current ability, and they are not taken. Now sure, I may be able to push the boundaries a bit, but why? So

Direct Post

I brought my laptop to work today. It's going to be slow, so I wanted to have it on me. Plus, a manager wanted some help with a blog , so there's an excuse to bring it, as well.  Someone from the floor suggested bringing in a device to read with. It should be a quiet next two days if the past three are anything to go off of.  But back to the title. I'm posting directly  to this blog. I usually create something and then email it to myself. It's quick and easy. But the process of getting it from my work computer to my personal device, and then getting it up on here, can prove to be a bit of a task. And thus, I don't end up posting most of what I write--even if I don't mind it going up.  But that's okay. Okay, OK. Which to use?  I'm trying to get the energy--mentally--to create again. All of it has come to a halt. And I used to enjoy it so much. I think it's important to just have fun and get the content made. That's the most important. But what do

Time Machine

12/22/2022 Ah, another day. I've been consistent so far with my posts. That's a good thing. I'm glad that's working out. I do have other posts that I may just unload. Or just forget about. Who knows?   This morning I was thinking about a few things, but, of course, I open Word, and all that spills out from anywhere in my head thoughts manage to seep out never to be seen again until that moment when I'm doing some mundane task and BAM, hey, see me here? Your thoughts? You'd love to record me, huh? But you seem a bit busy. And anyway, by the time you open your recording app, or get a pen and napkin (or something) I'll have vaporized into the ether once again.   Frustrating.   But then there's that saying, maybe it wasn't meant to be put down on paper/Word/Napkin/Hand. Perhaps. Who cares? Too much thought for a thing that happens to just about everyone, I'm sure. I mean, I do care. It is annoying, sometimes depressing. But it happens. And like that

Keyboard Therapy

12/21/2022 Another day closer to the weekend. This is a special weekend. Special week. The holdiays are special. Some celebrate a specific religious event. Some have annual festivities. One thing is for sure; you reflect upon the year gone by; upon your past and how far you've come. Maybe you think about where you're going--the path you want to take. Or perhaps you're just thankful for making it through another year. You see family and friends--eat and drink. Things get a bit mellow. For some it doesn't. Don't forget that. But relax and try to enjoy life. You are in it now, here, in this moment. If you're thinking about it while reading this, then thank you. I've shared something. As I've said before, this blog is a sort of experiment. A social media outlet, without all the garbage. A dump of thoughts. A review site. Maybe some stories. Maybe game/movie reviews. It's random.   Random.   Which gets me to another thing I've been thinking about a lo


12/20/2022 Waiting. But for what? A thought. Life to go by. I don't like that thought too much. Writing. This is like a Big Mac. I just write what I think/feel and post it up. I do a once or twice over, but nothing is really edited like it would be in a publication. Or who knows these days. I question a lot of what I see--let's just put it that way. Cryptic words? Maybe. Perhaps more for my benefit. They can be deciphered and maybe even used for how someone wants to use what works for them. So perhaps they can sleep better at night? So they can say they understand the world and know what is what and what should be. Opportunistic? Darn it! I forgot the word. And I'm trying not to curse if I don't have to. Ugh. I hate when I can't think of a word. Oh well. It will come to me.   This might just be a post of continuous though. One of those. Because I have a ton of stuff I wrote before, I've written, eh, whatever. And it's just sitting in an electric folder, gett

A Beautiful Mess

The holdiays are a beautiful mess. Cheesy, right? I say the title of the post in the first sentence. There I go, thinking out loud. But They are. I said it to someone today and it stuck. Think about it. We get all frustrated when they come around. We also remember the lights and glitz, but then forget until we are tangled up in the branches of the Christmas tree. It's holding us, pulling us in. Wrapping us in tinsel. Choking us? Ok, relax. Don’t go too far there. But yeah. Then we remember. And we already have that sweet sugar headache from the hot cocoa and peppermint bark. Ugh!      Do the lights work this year? Test them. Ok. Most of them do, but uh, this one. Great. Have to get a replacement. Of course, after much time spent trying to find the dead light. Either way. It's still beautiful. Wonderful. Memories made. All how you look at it. Perspective, right? Of course.      There are those who say next year will be better. But will it? Will you ever be ready for the holidays

Random Post

  Random post because if not there would be no post. Or something like that.  I've been very busy. At work. Overtime. Other things.  Been thinking about writing. Doing things here and there, but not a lot has been surfacing. I have to stop thinking that everything needs to be quality. That's one thing preventing a lot of ideas and thoughts from coming out. Just get the writing done.  Writing is something that comes out naturally, smoothly. Usually. Thoughts.  Uh, my keys randomly stick. I think there is something underneath the keypad. It's a Surface 2 keypad. And as I try to shake and hit the pieces out, it goes to another key. So annoying.  But that's another thing. Everything won't be perfect when you write. You. Me. Whoever. I was telling someone the other day. There is no such thing as writer's block. You can always write something. Now, will it be what you wanted to get out at the time of conception? Maybe not. But you can certainly write. I think that'

The Local Spirit Halloween Store Popped Up Again

I recently stopped into a Spirit Halloween store to check on something Halloween  related and it was all decked out with ghoulish goodness. The year has gone by fast, and it fast-forwarded to the best time of the year in my opinion. The leaves change color, a chill in the air. The holidays are just around the corner.  Take it slow. Try to savor these moments. And if your time of the year is summer, try to savor that, too. When you can.  This Spirit store usually rents the space out annually. Back in 1999, Spencer Gifts acquired Spirit Halloween. Spencer Gifts is a novelty store that you can find in a lot of malls. They do mail order and have those nifty gadgets and gifts you can't find just anywhere. I always used to remember them for posters, musician t-shirts, and lava lamps.  There are some great decorations at Spirit. I always love how freaky these things are. What they represent. Old horror tropes and stories that take shape in the screwed-up, twisted faces on the frightful la

Local Store Halloween Decorations

The local True Value has some Halloween decorations out.  WCM 

Baked some Italian Bread

Baked some Italian bread. Going to make some pizza later. I have to run out and get the cheese. Forgot I didn't have any. I'm testing this bread to see if I can totally get off of buying any from the supermarket, now that I bring my own food to work. Cutting back on cost and various chemicals that go into our food are the goals.  This was my own dough, and brushed some belated egg on top. Baked at 350 for about 35 minutes.  Talk soon.  WCM

Holiday Goodies at Kohl's

This blog is like my YouTube. Or at least an easier way to do posts. It's also like a social media page.  Before we went to Puerto Rico the last week of August into September, we had stopped at Kohl's to pick some things up. And I saw my first catch of Fall items. I forgot to post them. So here it goes.  In PR, in Walgreens, and since coming back, I have seen tons more. And even some Christmas goodies in Costco.  Now I just need to go to Michael's to see the wonders they have there. Exciting stuff. I know. I'm weird. Ever since I was a child, when my Mom was alive, I used to love watching the commercials during game shows and soap operas and going to the supermarket. I still love going to the supermarket. I had the toy groceries. Loved them. My daughter has similar toys today, but they are small. Reminds me of those toys back then.  I remember when my sister and I used to take Entenmens donut boxes and turned them into TV sets where we drew pictures and pressed them up

Attempting to Get Back Into Sketching

  Working on some sketches. Seeing how it feels to get back into it. It is a relaxing process. Thought I'd share.  First one is a cup my daughter and I drew and the second is a palm tree outside.  WCM 

Uncharted Movie Review

I wanted to go into this movie with the expectations of it sucking. This was far from the case. I felt worried maybe it would be one of those Hollywood goof-ups that get things totally wrong when porting a game or novel over to the silver screen. But the writers for the Uncharted adaptation did a pretty darn good job. Everything from a cameo of the voice actor for Nathan Drake in the game (Nolan North), to the theme music popping up here and there (though you have to wait until the cameo and then end credits). Still. It brought that feeling when it happened. You know, that feeling. There were memorable scenes--like the airplane cargo hold scene--which really stood out. Moments where Nate jumps, or looks back, encapsulated a moment when the vision was locked in time with the game. And I have to say, Donny Walberg as Sully wasn't too bad. I like that he kept calling Nathan Kid, like in the game.   The movie is mostly a frame story, as they've done in the game Uncharted 2 Among T

Whew What a Post

OK. So after that weird last post. What was that about? Well, it was my thoughts. A different look at them, at least. That's what's going through my mind about a million miles per hour, at times. It's not fun and it can be triggered (there's a modern word for ya) at any moment when I reminisce on things. And the thing is, once it changes something inside, it's kinda hard to change that feeling back to the positive side.   Sometimes.   Then comes the OCD to the rescue. A few rituals and things are right back to where they were. A vicious circle, for sure.   I think if I were creating, I'd be entrenched in that stuff enough not to worried about having wasted time all these years. But the key is, the important thing is, to be doing something. At least then I might fool my mind into thinking I was not just sitting there all that time. Anything. Ok, that sounds depressing.   But alas, here I am. Typing this as I take a break from my work, just before going to lunch w

Tomorrow's Feelings Inside

I keep looking at YouTube videos from old and new times. I look up what happened to some of those old YouTubers. I get emotional. A feeling a surge goes through me. A feeling to do something. To create. But then it's tamped down by another feeling. This one causes a feeling inside I can only explain as a fullness. A light that glows like a smoldering ember--but not one that is about to catch fire--one that is dimming.   I panic. I blow on that ember, perhaps to get it going once again. But something inside knows it's going out. I can make new embers. I can create stuff. But then I think of my writing. Those novels I've been "working on" for all these years. I'd get to it, sure, when the "time was right." It just wasn't quite right at that moment, you know? The idea is there, I just need to be in the "perfect moment". And I remember those times, and I know those feelings are happening again as I watch the screen. I sit there and zone out

Watch the Cliff

 Too many people want to jump off the cliff and build their wings on the way down. That's fine but hold on there, bucko--and bucket. Don't get too far ahead of yourself. There must be a few fundamentals in place before-hand. I mean come on. Because then you'll have a whole bunch of blood and gore at the bottom of that mountain.   Sure. I think the saying is cool and jumping into something and figuring it out along the way is best, sometimes. But there may come a point when (usually just when your feet leave the solid ground) that you realize you messed up, wishing this was a Loony Toons cartoon as you arc down, about to make a puff of smoke in the arid soil below.   Eh, do I even know what I'm talking about? Maybe in my head. But I guess my point is, sure, go ahead and jump. But have a basic understanding of how you might build those wings on the way down and not just barge ahead like you are a WWE (I liked WWF better) wrestler and it's Saturday Night's Main Eve

Head in the Cloud

 My thoughts for today, right now, this very second are that back in the old days writers used pencil and paper. Then they moved on to typewriters. Ok, so before that they used other means, but let's get modern, huh? So today, they just save stuff to the cloud, save this save that. They being writers, of course.   Sure. But I can't always do that. Especially because most of the time when I'm writing down an idea, or scene, I'm at work, during a bit of a down time. Piecing something together that makes absolutely no sense later when I look at it. But... That's if I CAN FIND IT!   Yup. I said it. Word sometimes sucks. I can't find files that I had open. I mean, I'll give them a bit of the benefit of the doubt. It might be when my job shuts down the virtual desktop that causes the Word program to lose the file. Sometimes it's there, and sometimes...   But either way. I have access to a printer. I can print these up and look at them later. And while I'm

Are Blogs Dead?

I am trying to think of things to write. Thoughts on my mind that I am authentically thinking and want to post, to see if blogs are still alive. YouTube videos do things, only in video form. So why can't the blog format do it, as well?    I'm sure there are still people who want to read, who enjoy it, over watching a video. Maybe. I can also see how a video is easy and relaxing and less stressful in these times. When bad news and events are bombarding us from all around.   I admit. I enjoy listening to my favorite YouTubers as I do something else, almost like a radio show or a podcast. But to those who enjoy the reading part of it, and I'm sure they are still out there, the blog should still do the trick.   I mean, if the blog is dead, then why do you still have sites like Blogger and WordPress. And some may say they are dying, but are they?   I'm not going to cite any one blog, or article, because if you search "are blogs dying?" you can look

Saving Money -- Perspective

I've been thinking and yesterday got an idea. I see how prices on goods are going up, how sizes of products are getting smaller so the company can look good not raising the price (of course until you realize that they've lessened the size of the product). But by then it's too late. And then we get used to it. I read that those prices and size changes don't go back once things get better. Then those companies post great quarters because of raising the price. Of course there are intricacies that come into play, but I've seen this, read this, and it's frustrating.  Then there's the fast food prices going up. I've asked around and found the price of a pie can reach 20 plus in some places. Then there's the toppings. And you may want something on the side? Mozzarella sticks? Garlic knots? Sure. Throw them in. Then there's a chance the order is messed up; price, items not given, product poorly made. And it goes on and on.  Why would you pay more for tha

Save Money

  We've all seen and heard, for the most part, what's been going on with the economy and stuff. It's not normal what's happening. Are things being manipulated? Is this just the product of careless actions on behalf of those in power? Whatever the case is, the situation is getting worse--or at least seems to be. Whatever the case may be (wow cliche) I'm planning on showing you how to cut corners and make your own food, with simple ingredients. As easy as you want it. Not all that fancy garbage you see on oyher sites, claiming you need this and that. No this specific flour and not that much water! I'm talking all purpose flour baby! And easy. Oh, and way more healthy.  Random Will is going to be a YouTube channel about random things. One of those things is going to be about cooking. So, let me get off my rear and get to it. I'm going to try and make pizza be one of the first videos. Might have to revise that video eventually, depending on how bad the quality s

An Influencing Thought, or Influencing Thought

Growing up in a period when all the tech companies were just starting to form was a fun time. I had seen what they call "influencers" now create content that would come to be a pretty big deal today.  There was something to it I didn't understand back then. A connection. You also could get rewarded far easier than you can today. Monetized. Even blogs were a pretty big thing. Some say these days you may have lost out on that opportunity, but there are always ways to do things your own way, to make it your own. If you just think about it. Make it better. I've read one can still do something with even blogging. I guess that "something" is the question. And how one goes about doing  it.  Jumping in is another good idea, because you may mess up the first dozen or more times, but then you get a feel for things and come back stronger and with a better understanding of what you're capable of and what you want to portray or convey to your audience. A feel for the

We're Only Human

So. What to write. At the risk of sounding self-important (which is something I semi-loath), I am trying to think of ways to get more posts out. I don't think my words are anything to be hanging off of. However, I do follow channels/accounts/posts from people that I enjoy reading their thoughts. Like coming back to an old friend for a conversation. Sometimes you can get insight, and sometimes you dismiss their analysis of...whatever. Sometimes it's just like visiting an old friend.    Either way. That's not what the point of this channel of thought was today. I am trying to figure out a way to post more. It is a possible win win. Win for me because I get to write more and challenge myself to learn new things. And a possible win for the person that is coming to my posts to get that insight. An old friend. Sometimes that's a great thing in life. Familiarity. But if I post more often, it means sometimes I may express thoughts for that moment in time that I perhaps may reev

A Milestone?

I must admit. The reason I haven't posted anything on my site lately is because I haven't been able to think of anything. I mean, I've thought of a lot, actually. But the things that do happen to claw to the top fizzle out before I even get to start editing what I'd put down on the page. It destroys me inside that I cannot seem to get the words out. Despite some techniques I've been messing around with to combat this very issue.   What I do get out I scrutinize with an invisible filter called what-will-they-think. Who is they? I don't exactly know. Or something like that. It's bad.    To even think about something like that is ridiculous. And I guess it's like that Metallica song that goes "all these words I don't just say." To a degree now I'm thinking about not posting this because it sounds like I'm skirting around what I truly want to say.  When writers don't have an opinion--an honest opinion--it's bad. Fiction becomes

Some Don't Like the Rain

Today it is nice out. Some don't like the rain and clouds. But I do. I like it because it lets you think. Lets you go back in time and think of days when the weather was similar. A time machine. Portal. It takes me back, I feel creative and creative thoughts spark new ideas. Clouds and rain are not always a bad thing. Of course there are things you can't do in the rain. But there are a lot of things that you can do. Of course that is rhetorical. Or is it? I mean, it's just there. That saying. You don't have to abide by it. It's just there and for everyone to see and no one needs to answer anything about it. Why? Because sometimes there is no answer. Like clear meaning to what I'm saying here. You just do. You just think and get catapulted back to that time when things were different. You feel they were good times, because the future is already known. But back then a few steps forwards was just as uncertain as they are now. So perspective comes into play. Perspec

Dying Light -- Will's Nintendo Switch Review

It's been quite a while since I last immersed myself in the world of Dying Light. I originally played this gem on the PS4. There's a special place in my heart for the horror genre. As there is for video games. Both are a great escape from the insanity that is life. And horror brings you to the realization that sometimes life can be just that. Horrific.  Here enters Dying Light on the Switch.   As the sequel to this franchise has recently debuted on next-gen systems, its predecessor was released on the Switch not too long ago. Say what you will about Nintendo's system, to play these blockbuster games natively on a portable, and not through Playstation's remote play, is an amazing feat. I remember playing Dying Light on my Vita through Remote Play, and of course there was a hit in the graphics and frame rate department, so this looks leaps and bounds better than that experience--which was still great even for what it was. Everything I remember is here, and I could be wron