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Party and Anxiety

I'm here, listening to a party outside the window in the room I'm staying in the mountains of Puerto Rico. It's my mother-in-law's birthday.  I just finished the YouTube videos I do for the week and they've uploaded to the cloud and are waiting to be edited--one already pulled down to my phone.  I want to go out, and I will, but I suffer from mild anxiety.  It's like when I was a kid and went somewhere new, and by the end you were playing with your cousins and not wanting to leave. You never know what you'll miss.  But I am going out there. I hear the live music playing now. A local singer who was hired. My wife's uncle sent a Corona light into my room(with a lime/Lemmon, I love it! Haha).  And then he sent another one.  So I'm going to let these relax me a bit.  I have to get over these phobeas. I mean, I am a bit ashamed I don't speak Spanish yet. I really should know it already. But like I said, I'll be going out. Jus

Just Finished Recording More YouTube Videos

Just finished recording three new shows for YouTube with Gary Buller. Going to see how fast I edit these, being I'm still on vacation.  Each show takes about four hours to do, from beginning to end, depending on how much effects and editing go into it.  I try to make the shows shorter, as those are much easier to edit than, say, a fifteen or twenty minute episode. But the intro and moving segments around, and music yada yada, it takes time.  I like how it's been coming out, the finished product looks pretty darn good, and I'm my own worst critic. But now we just need the eyes and comments to make it better. Maybe subjects people want us to discuss, ect.  So if you get the chance and look at the channel, please leave a like and comment. And the most important thing, please subscribe.  And if we struck a cord, please share the episode, as well.  Okay, now I'm off to drink some coffee, maybe some seltzer, and edit these shows.  WCM

Being Competitive

Is being competitive a bad thing? Gary and I talk about it in this episode.  Check it out above. And please like and subscribe, it means a lot.  WCM


It's rough to send out a short story to a place that wants a long time to process it.  There is precious little time we have, especially if one is submitting short stories for financial gain--to live?  Well, that's another story. I don't really think short stories can sustain anyone unless you're already established and can belt them out as fast as possible. When calculated, it just doesn't add up to a livable wage.  Plus, if you're supplementing a day job pay check with it, You'd still have to find the time to write these stories. And to make anything that would be worth while for paying the bills, you'd have to work pretty darn hard.  Short stories, in my opinion, are like an advertisement for the writer. They are also like achievements. "I've been in this," or "I've been published there."  I feel that novels are were the money is.  Though, I've heard there are other ways of writing articles and such that mak


I believe there are meanings to just about everything--some are learning experiences, some are tests of strength.  Perspective comes into play here, of course. To each his own.  This evening one of those moments happened.  I recently resolved to read what I want, what makes me happy. There are many reasons and benefits to this, but yeah. So I brought two books with me, one was on my Kindle and I was struggling to get through it. I wanted to finish Origins, by Dan Brown already!  The book on the Kindle was from the library, I had put my device on airplane mode to try and finish it, but it's been months.  I said heck with it and picked up Origins and began reading when it hit me. If this book was on the virtual library, I'd borrow it and return the book I had on the Kindle.  Well, guess what? It was there. I downloaded it and let the Kindle do what it will with the other book. Now I don't have to lug the hard cover around, or hold it awkwardly as I read it

Stranger Things Season 3 Review

Gary and I review Stranger things season 3. Well, I listen to him. I've only see the first season. I've been meaning to watch the last two, but it's been so busy. Now that I'm on vacation, I'll try and catch up. So many shows!  WCM

Forced Reading

Gary and I talk about hor we feel like we are forced to read. It really shouldn't feel that way.  Sometimes it happens.  WCM 

Giving Advice

When I give advice I am not trying to say I know everything. I am the only trying to help the way it helps when I read other author's articles in writing magazines. I have been published, still have not reached my goal. But that doesn't mean I can't give tips and lessons I've learned along the way out to those who may seek guidance. Gary and I talk on this episode about just that.  Giving advice.  WCM 

Understanding Fiction

Gary and I talk about understanding fiction and break it down into mainstream and literary. Check it out. WCM 

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from Gary Buller and I.  WCM

Thank You Twitter!

Say what you will, I think social media actually works against budding artists. If you are posting about your creations, or communicating with like-minded individuals, fine. But when it gets to the point you're  checking non-stop, waiting for your phone to buzz to get that like fix, that's when the problem is starting.  I've come to the point where social media in itself is highly toxic. News and politics have crept heavily into my stream. And while I know it's a place to sound off for some, I am on here as a writer/artist and don't want to see that.  So, there are features to tell Twitter you don't want to see these things. And for the most part it works. But then I realized something else.  I looked up from my phone and saw everyone looking down into theirs. They constantly check for any notification, and search, and watch videos.  So thank you Twitter, for making me nauseous to the point where I put my phone down for a bit.  Because, these things ar

Pop Culture and Paul Tremblay

Gary and I talk about pop culture end Gary's latest addition to his Paul Tremblay collection. WCM