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Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap (extra episode)

WCM: This week we had a special, extra episode. I needed to test out the signal in the mountains to see if I could do the Friday show, and it works pretty nice. It also turned out that the test continued into a full fledged episode. Straight from my phone. Gotta love technology.  JD: Instead of riding solo, I checked in on the Dynamite to see if he could spare a few minutes from hunting chupacabras to test out the connection. It worked, and a bit better than the previous show. WCM: We discussed many things. Dedman got out some frustration on a local Texan who claims to be a man of Faith, yet was sketchy on letting people flooded out of their homes  into his stadium . Later he let them in, but not before tons of Twitter followers shamed him.  JD: Joel Osteen doesn’t like dirty people! If you’re unclean, wet with flood water, and smell like sweat then you best go away! The man of God is too busy counting money he received from donations. Hurricane Harvey donations that went to him!

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/25/2017

WCM: The show had it's challenges this week. Texas started with a terrible hurricane and I am on vacation in Puerto Rico. For this episode, though, I just happened to be staying in a hotel with WiFi. So that worked out. I am using my phone and laptop. Dedman has a cupboard full of beer, there just wasn't any water left at the supermarket. Now that's dedication. We still managed to get the show out.  JD: As long as I have my beer! And you know what? I didn’t buy enough. The roads are flooded because Harvey just won’t stop pissing on Houston, and my supply is down to four cans! Four cans for a man that drinks about twelve a day. Beer is like water for me, and now I’m gonna have to swim for more!  WCM: We got to the point. We came to talk horror. Kentucky Bob had another question for Dedman, and we delved into the subject of horror writers who commit murder for inspiration. Also, are writers possessed by a spirit, or demons? When they get down to writing, is something else

Friday Musings 8/25/2017

This week I have been thinking about how authors wrestle with self doubt and failure. There are many articles and journal entries that solidify this.  One of the worst emotions is not feeling adequate enough to practice a passion you love. There may be times when skills are forgotten and you wonder how the hell am I going to pull this off? Am I a failure? Look at his/her writing, they really got it together. But it's quite possible those who seem to have no troubles are having the same, if not more, trouble than you are. Don't sell yourself short.  Forgetting a skill isn't literally that--forgetting. I'd say its more like misplacing the skill. It happened to me. I believe I even wrote about it in a post. See, I blame the day job, as it's really the root of all the problems I face concerning my writing--the biggest hurdle. Getting back to the misplaced skill, it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment where it started, but I connect it to an insident where I came

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/18/2017

WCM: On last Fridays edition of the show, me and Dedman had on a guest who desires to skydive naked. Dedman can explain it best.  JD: Amber Clements is hands down the most bad ass guest we've had ever. She skydives nude so much that she broke a state record and is brave enough to answer a Craigslist modeling ads in Murder Beach, South Carolina.  WCM: We got up to the usual hijinks. Kentucky Bob had another intellectual, yet provocative question for Dedman--who was accused later on by some to have went full pervert. Maybe the tone of his voice?  JD: I've never been shy about being a pervert. What can I say? I'm a hardwired hetero male with  a lot of testosterone. It's the sort of wiring that has gotten many celebs in trouble like R Kelly, but at least I'm not into pee and I like it legal. People who follow me know that I'm a bit if a gutter brain, and it came out when Amber talked about skydiving nude.  WCM: Well, either way you look at it, the show was a

Friday Musings 8/18/2017

This rainy NY Friday marks about the half way point of August. Almost September. Then it's a hop, skip and a jump into October. The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are back, pumpkins, caramel apples, ghouls and ghosts. Halloween. The holiday of horror.  Is Saw coming back? I've heard rumors that may be true by now. Maybe it's gone the way of Tales From the Crypt. So sad that situation with TNT and HBO. I was looking forward for the revamp. Maybe someday.  To readers and any fans if the blog (I hope there are at least a few at this point): this Friday is also a Friday to be thankful that you are alive and able to read a book and watch a movie. There are a lot of crazy events happening in the world. Now more than ever you have to keep a straight head and stay safe.  Of course there are many great authors and hopefully myself, who you can look to for a release from life and its many pressures, if you need that escape. If you want to beta read, let me know.  I tr

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/11/2017

WCM: This was a laid back episode where me and Dedman simply discussed topics. Nothing wrong with those episodes. We discussed the publishing industry and how it's hard to make it in the horror magazine world.  JD: We found out that I'm actually from Saudi Arabia! Plus, we go pretty deep into why short story authors are broke, because the magazines are struggling. WCM: And why haven't writers received a raise? You'll find out in this episode. Hmm, you think it's a bad time to discuss my raise? Lol JD: you want a raise? Not with the way things are currently. The moment DT gets a raise, you get a raise, and right now it's still pocket change. Seriously, I go over the books and reveal my stats. WCM: Well, either way, there are crazy things going on in the world right now. Let alone the technicalities of getting paid, how can you even get writing done with all these things overwhelming you?  JD: What can we do? Pour a drink, light a smoke, and watch with a

Friday Musings 8/11/2017

Back in the flow this Friday morning. Got the leaf going and a refreshed Outlook on my writing. I'm sure even seasoned writers go through that, as well as anyone creating art, or has a hobby. Some call it writers block, some just are going through a slump. At times like these it's best to reset. Try a new perspective, or a new style. Anything to kickstart the energy.  My leaf gets me going. It's not my muse, but maybe my muse likes it. It's part of a vision I see when I write. A make believe place I imagine when going into that mood. It's not imagination if you believe in it,and there are those who go there way too easy and truly believe, but that's another post. But as long as you aren't hurting anyone (except your characters) then all should be fine.  Well, I have to get some writing in before I start the day job. Talk soon.  WCM 

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/4/2017

WCM: On this week's show we had on That Terrible Woman with us. We discussed women in horror and how they are portrayed in B-rated horror films. They also get a bad rap in mainstream, as well. But are the changing times seeing more women taking on main character roles?  JD: Even in 70s and 80s, women were the stars of horror. Sure, women were chosen because generally people put more stock in whether a woman makes it out alive. Yeah, there are dumb blonde moments, sex, and panty shots. If you're a woman getting into horror, be the lead. The lead role is where it's at. WCM: Catman took his face out of the kittie litter long enough to make Miss Horrible's acquaintance. I think they hit it off. She knew who he was from previous shows.  JD: She is a fan of the show and a follower of Catman. Nice. We also had a fan from Kentucky ask me a very interesting question.  WCM: The fart board seemed to be retired, so I got a replacement, and it's not too bad. And speaking

Friday Musings 8/4/2017

Another week, another Friday. Here are some thoughts for you to ponder.  Two sides to your brain. That's what they say. One side for the technical stuff--the other for the creative things. Both can work together, but sometimes one side may be flexed more than the other. This can be a good thing, depending on what you hope to achieve. But if you are planning to do creative things, this could pose a problem.  See, when I started my job about eleven or twelve years ago, I made one mistake (getting there late) and told myself never again. I went through great pains to make sure that, and other minor things, didn't repeat. Of course there are always mistakes, but never the kind that I used to do before I was in a fancy office environment. I "grew up." Maybe a bit too much? I shut out my creative side in order to concentrate on making the growing up thing happen.  Here and there I messed with the other side of the brain, but never fully stayed with it and nurtured it

Monsters Exist Expose - Jessie Dedman - Lake Monster

Our next author in the Expose is Jessie Dedman. He is not only an author in the anthology, but he is the owner of Deadman's Tome, the independent publishing house that puts out a monthly horror anthology from unheard of to new and upcoming writers. They say to be late to the party is fashionable. Well, I'm to blame a bit here. But Mr. Dedman is always oh-so-fashionable. Here is the back story for Lake Monster.  Lake Monster Backstory By: Mr. Dedman How does one write a horror short about a monster that sounds too ridiculous to be true? You go digging for shreds of evidence, no matter how thin, because you might be able to piece a somewhat plausible angle. If I was tasked with creating a monster out of my ass, I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of looking for police reports and news articles, but Lake Monster isn't just any monster story. It's based off of an urban legend.  Though, very absurd and a bit confused. The Lake Worth Monster origin,