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Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 7/28/2017

WCM: Josh Schlossberg was on this show, talking about microbial horror. I was having technical difficulties in the begining, and I think I heard Dedman riffing on the fart machine again. Was it another chapter in the never ending drama that is the sound system of Dynamite?! Just remember, you play with Dynamite the wrong way, he's apt to explode!  JD: Josh came on to share his knowledge of top secret U.S. government microbe projects. Marchese had technical issues, and I was shitting myself throughout the show. Are these isolated incidents or a conspiracy to stop us from speaking the truth? WCM: We talked about microbial horror and how video games are coming up with new and exciting horror stories. One airborne horror tale is The Last of Us.  JD: Microbial Horror? What's so scary about something that some GermX could kill? I thought that, too. But Josh showed me the light. You can run from Jason but you can't run from super AIDS. WCM: Jessie proposed to me. Oh come o

Friday Musings 7/28/2017

Another Friday has come with more thoughts for the week. I could put together a blog of all these thoughts.... Well, the most pervasive thought this week, at least, is age. I just turned 40 this past June and I've been thinking a lot about it--seeing all the young writers on Twitter. We are all in a race against time. When you're young, you put things off--procrastinate. As you get older you realize time is precious. When you really start getting up in age, you kick yourself for having wasted all that precious time. You want to jump and kick-start things into gear. You may start to worry, sometimes panic. It's time to get your act together. But is it too late?  As the saying goes, it's never too late. Right? Well, it's all perspective. There are writers now who start at a very young age. And yes, you say, they can't know too much about life, right? Well, just as robots can mimic life, these kids are prodigies who can mimic experience. They read. A lot.  I kn

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 7/21/2017

WCM: This week's show we had no guests on, but we did some soul searching about the animosity that had built during the week due to me walking off the last show, and came to amends. It's just not worth it. Boothill can't fill JD: Yes, the beef between me and the Dynamite was settled, at least for now. With Amazon almost hitting Deadman's Tome with the ban hammer, we realized we have bigger fishes to fry. Amazon lost their shit over the content in No Safe Word and claimed that it is offensive. At the same time, Amazon allows family friendly titles like Chain of Shit and Lust for Dinosaur Step-dad. The hypocrisy is just too thick to ignore, and j intend to remind Amazon that they're full of shit! Check out the new show called Fuck Amazon. You'll find it on Spreaker and iTunes.  WCM: George Romero dying has been a big downer for many horror fans. We lost a great mind in the horror industry. He will be greatly missed. R.I.P. JD: Romero passe

Train to Busan Movie Review

Has this movie revitalized zombie movies? Or is it just that, another zombie flick?  Well, the differences Train to Busan , directed by Sang-ho Yeon, staring Yoo Gong, Su-an Kim, Yu-mi Jung and Dong-seok Ma are  in the nuance and the the intricacies that come from it being a foreign movie. Then there are also the heartfelt moments towards the end. T he characters are sturdy and have been built well. They do what they are supposed to do.  When you have a movie that's tackling a trope such as zombies, there is the main subject, being the zombies, then there is the story-line that runs along side to show you that subject. You are seeing that subject through a snapshot of life as it plays out--from that perspective.  It could be a man who works so hard and has no time for his daughter and has to take her to see the mother, as in Train to Busan , or it could be a whole bunch of individuals who are trapped in a house fighting off the undead, as in the original Night of the Living D

Friday Musings 7/21/2017

This Friday I'm thinking about a plane ride I have to go on soon. It's easy to fall back into safety and false protections in life. Not wanting to venture out and live life. People are afraid to fly, to walk the streets even. This is amplified lately with the crazy stories on the news every day. But if you think about it, nothing would get done if you didn't take risks. Just think, if you die tomorrow it's over. Finito. Yes, you had that safe planning, thinking you are going to life nice and old, but the truth is you never know when that day is coming.  You have to go out and live.  Dream. The life dream. Some give up fairly easy. Comforts in life and wanting to see the next episode of Game of Thrones can people weak, not focusing on what matters. And don't get me wrong, you could like that stuff, love that stuff, you could look forward to those things--but to have that the zenith of your week, after having made someone else's dream come true at work, seems a

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 7/14/2017

WCM: First and foremost, is the Dynamite gone for good this time? For those who haven't heard yet, The Dynamite left the show abruptly due to someone flexing their bullying, corporate muscle. It's censorship of fart soundboards...  JD: The Dynamite got salty over being told to cut the sounds. There was a moment where the conversation got real, very real. It would be too petty for Marchese to leave over Sound board, I think Mistress Rosie made him cry. She was fast in putting him the corner and pulling out her strap on!  WCM: Of course, what was thought to have been a wild and crazy dominatrix turned out to be a human being with a real life and unfortunate past. I feel terrible about that, and just want to say that by standing up for my fart board freedom I was in no way downgrading the terrible past that this woman had. I feel sorry that the feud with the Deadman industry had to drop at the time it did. But sometimes good things spawn from bad. Just like roses from manure.

Friday Musings 7/14/2017

Once again it's Friday and I find myself here in this Cafe with my flatwhite, leaf creamily waiting on the surface for caffeine-yearning lips.  We find ourselves at many places throughout the day, week, year, lifetime. One may sit and drift, thinking upon what their meaning in life is. So many people in this world, what are you here for? Some will shake their head and go in with their day, go to work where they'll do the same thing--possibly with minor shifts throughout--until they (hopefully) retire and then have nothing to do with themselves--unless they take up some "hobbies."  This is, for the most part, fine. A lit of these people are mothers, fathers, grandparents etc. They do serve a purpose. But what abiut that which burns deep down inside? What abiut that nagging voice that warns, "if you wait too long!"  I've heard that voice throughout my life and I'm listening and doing something abiut it. It sort of feels like that part in the Matr

My Daughter the Horror Writer

Thinking of how long it took me to get my shit together and get my writing out there, I wonder what it would have been like if I had started earlier in life, maybe forged from confidence passed on by my parents. My mom passed when I was 13 and my father didn't care much for reading and writing. So there's that. But I wonder about my child and what early encourament might do for her. Don't want to force her, though. But it would be cool if she wanted to write, and at an early age.  My daughter had a dream. She told me and my wife about it on a trip to the supermarket.  It started off nice. She was with mommy and daddy and we all loved each other. Then, bad people came up and we started fighting. We killed them and cut them open and the blood spilled everywhere. When we opened the doors, it flowed out into New York and God came down and made the blood float up and rain down everywhere.  She then, once she saw our reaction, continued to say, "The blood rains down!&qu

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 7/7/2017

WCM: Another Friday night, another Deadman's Tome podcast for you sick perverts out there. And some of you play-it-straight types, too. On this episode we talked to Armand Rosamili.  JD: That's right. Armando Rosamalia was on the show, and I expected more jokes from a guy that wrote about rapie zombies. But, nevertheless, it was a very informative show. WCM: The Catman made an appearance, but it was mostly a serious show.  JD: but we learned what it means when Armand says he is making a living from his writing. He achieved the dream, and without government assistance or a sugar mama. WCM: We had a guest in the audience, Clive Barker, was it? who had a problem with the fart soundboard. Really? lol  JD: Clive Barker wanted someone to pet the Cat Man, but found the farting annoying. The Dynamite might have a medical condition and can't help himself. I feel bad for his wife, because you know she washes those skid mark undies.  WCM: Well, all in all it was another gr

Monsters Exist Author Expose - John Palisano - Criatura

We're almost there. The next author in the Monsters Exist anthology is John Palisano, with his story Criatura, where breaking down in the desert can have some pretty grave consequences. ‘Criatura’ Backstory from MONSTERS EXIST When you make your way up past Los Angeles and head north into the desert communities, you see just how precarious things are in the city. Built on top of desert, the city seems to stop a few miles right before the San Joaquin mountains. There’s a gorgeous moment on the 5 freeway where the mountains come up around you and then you dip down into the sandy valley. The world just opens up. There are desert communities, but they are vastly different than those in the city. Smaller and even more spread out, most have all the stores and luxuries of modern living. You’re never too far from filling up or grabbing lunch, or even from having a cell signal. But the crazy part is just a bit off the highway, and you can be unseen. Hidden. The l

Friday Musings 7/7/2017

Friday. Blessed Friday. At least for those who have off on the weekend. But for those who are getting their real careers going, it  still means work. But it's work we want to do. You know the saying: if you love what you do,  you never work a day in your life.  Yeah.  Today I'm ponder about a project I've been working on, titled The Cat. I have gone through so Many iterations of this story, and they don't seem to hit the mark. The idea is original, I'm told, just too many parts etc. It's just I had a certain vision for the story that have to realize are from a when I wasn't so in tune with the writing scene.  I'm doing it one last time before I shelf it for a bit. I think this last go is going great, but we will see. Maybe I'll use the idea that isn't working for this in another story down the road. I have to realize that was a time when I was a bit amateur.  Holding me back.  I am focusing too much on a time before I learned a lot abo

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 6/30/2017

WCM: Another week another Deadman's Tome Podcast. This week we just had a little fun, sans guest. We discussed the subject of African Americans killed off in horror movies. And Dedman got all excited with another subject... JD: oh yeah, when a round thing gets in my face I get sprung! Ghetto Booty, phat ass, fat bottom girls I like em all. Something soothing, calming even, from watching a round plump booty twerk.  WCM: We had some fun with Fiverr and an anonymous listener had some choice words for Dedman to read about himself.   JD: yeah, apparently people think I'll say just about anything for five bucks, and that might not be far from the truth. I wonder what sort of trouble I'll get into next week. WCM: All in all we got through another show where we accomplished absolutely nothing, unless you consider how Dedman is making the alcohol industry's stock go through the roof.  Come back next week for more antics and possibly a Thursday night show. See you then.

Monsters Exist Author Expose - No. 7 - William Marchese

I come to my tale in the anthology. This story merges many different influences. These various stories are, to me, the most entertaining. The government conducting secret experiments on our soldiers--a perfect killing machine. Kids and the wondrous way they explore and solve problems--and then throwing in a whopping problem on their laps. And finally, that moment when we are at one with ourselves and truth reins free. That moment when you think of death, killing, what if this, what if that. Things you never speak about unless they are the ultimate confidant. These are the elements I like to play with. Even though this story didn't fully turn out the way I wanted, people tell me they still think it's good. I'll let you decide. And if you want, and request it, I'll work on editing it the way I intended it, and i'll release to whoever bought the anthology. So now, here is my backstory for No. 7 No. 7 By: William Marchese When I got the idea for No.7, I had a