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A Horse And Water

12/30/2022 A lot not getting posted haha. But that's ok. I'm trying to reach my goal of at least one a day. Plus, this is therapy for me as well. To get things off my chest. Things I don't usually say out loud. Things I don't want to think about because they aren't the type of things you want to think about. Sometimes.   I've made this so as not to imply anyone. It's just something eating me at the moment, and I want to write about it. Get it off my chest.   There is a person. I'll leave it at that. This person I love very much. I don't blame this person for certain things, as times were very hard and quite a few bad things were happening at that point in time where "certain things" needed help with. There, I'll leave it at that.    I just hate that I try to help this person, I try to give solutions, to the best of my current ability, and they are not taken. Now sure, I may be able to push the boundaries a bit, but why? So

Direct Post

I brought my laptop to work today. It's going to be slow, so I wanted to have it on me. Plus, a manager wanted some help with a blog , so there's an excuse to bring it, as well.  Someone from the floor suggested bringing in a device to read with. It should be a quiet next two days if the past three are anything to go off of.  But back to the title. I'm posting directly  to this blog. I usually create something and then email it to myself. It's quick and easy. But the process of getting it from my work computer to my personal device, and then getting it up on here, can prove to be a bit of a task. And thus, I don't end up posting most of what I write--even if I don't mind it going up.  But that's okay. Okay, OK. Which to use?  I'm trying to get the energy--mentally--to create again. All of it has come to a halt. And I used to enjoy it so much. I think it's important to just have fun and get the content made. That's the most important. But what do

Time Machine

12/22/2022 Ah, another day. I've been consistent so far with my posts. That's a good thing. I'm glad that's working out. I do have other posts that I may just unload. Or just forget about. Who knows?   This morning I was thinking about a few things, but, of course, I open Word, and all that spills out from anywhere in my head thoughts manage to seep out never to be seen again until that moment when I'm doing some mundane task and BAM, hey, see me here? Your thoughts? You'd love to record me, huh? But you seem a bit busy. And anyway, by the time you open your recording app, or get a pen and napkin (or something) I'll have vaporized into the ether once again.   Frustrating.   But then there's that saying, maybe it wasn't meant to be put down on paper/Word/Napkin/Hand. Perhaps. Who cares? Too much thought for a thing that happens to just about everyone, I'm sure. I mean, I do care. It is annoying, sometimes depressing. But it happens. And like that

Keyboard Therapy

12/21/2022 Another day closer to the weekend. This is a special weekend. Special week. The holdiays are special. Some celebrate a specific religious event. Some have annual festivities. One thing is for sure; you reflect upon the year gone by; upon your past and how far you've come. Maybe you think about where you're going--the path you want to take. Or perhaps you're just thankful for making it through another year. You see family and friends--eat and drink. Things get a bit mellow. For some it doesn't. Don't forget that. But relax and try to enjoy life. You are in it now, here, in this moment. If you're thinking about it while reading this, then thank you. I've shared something. As I've said before, this blog is a sort of experiment. A social media outlet, without all the garbage. A dump of thoughts. A review site. Maybe some stories. Maybe game/movie reviews. It's random.   Random.   Which gets me to another thing I've been thinking about a lo


12/20/2022 Waiting. But for what? A thought. Life to go by. I don't like that thought too much. Writing. This is like a Big Mac. I just write what I think/feel and post it up. I do a once or twice over, but nothing is really edited like it would be in a publication. Or who knows these days. I question a lot of what I see--let's just put it that way. Cryptic words? Maybe. Perhaps more for my benefit. They can be deciphered and maybe even used for how someone wants to use what works for them. So perhaps they can sleep better at night? So they can say they understand the world and know what is what and what should be. Opportunistic? Darn it! I forgot the word. And I'm trying not to curse if I don't have to. Ugh. I hate when I can't think of a word. Oh well. It will come to me.   This might just be a post of continuous though. One of those. Because I have a ton of stuff I wrote before, I've written, eh, whatever. And it's just sitting in an electric folder, gett