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Vane Vein Vain

  Late night. Busy week. Not keeping up with how I wanted to post. But that's OK. Tomorrow is another day. Just be sure to live in this one. And don't look back, unless you're in a comfy arm chair with a little bit of brandy. And I don't drink, but I do to survive. And eat. Meat. But I can do without it. I'm beat. Long day today. Now I'm sitting on a train at almost 9pm and pecking out this post to put upon the net. Yet I don't know what to say except that I have nothing to say and I guess that's something. No?  I look back and realize it was all in vain. Yet there was something there. Then I turned and the future was before me. Where should I go? Do I walk backwards? That's hard to do with achy knees. Probably a storm coming. What the heck am I talking about? Vane vein vain, I ponder while trying not to fall asleep on the train.  WCM 

Lighted Picture -- Ghosts? Or Pareidolia

I took the picture above one rainy night when coming home from work. I wanted to see if the lighting on my phone camera would be brighter than what I saw with my eyes. It usually is. The lighting on phones these days is incredible.  It was good but didn't get to the far ends of the field I took a snapshot of. So I decided to brighten it up a bit.  Below is the end result and I see a lot of interesting things far off in the back. Now of course this could just be pareidolia. That is where the brain puts faces, or familiar images, to something to make sense of it. But sometimes these seem to be uncanny, or the snapshot--or video--captures something that isn't so supernatural.  You decide in the pic below. Maybe I'll do another post where I break down what I see. I see a few interesting spots. One I see just now is the lighted tree on the left (which looks sort of like a V, like two trees splitting), just a little off to the right of this, after the point where the tree splits,

Saturday Night

  Ok. I'm going to try and get that picture up tonight. After this post. I've been thinking of other locations to snap a shot. But might be overthinking it. So I'm going to just go off of instinct. Let's see what you see, or if there is anything to see in the picture.  Hopefully, there'll be another post shortly.  WCM 

Frontal Lobe Plug

1/6/2023 There are ideas I get, ideas I want to put up on here, and then when I get behind the keyboard to post something everything disappears. Where it goes? I don't know. Perhaps the nerve, or neuron, or whatever is waiting/hiding behind a membrane wall in my skull, peeking out, slinking back, until I'm not poised over the keys, fingers bent, ready to divulge its details to all. And it's snickering (hmmm, sounds delicious), ready to jump into the brain room and plug back into my frontal lobe and let me have it!   Oh well. It will come. Maybe I'll pull my phone out and peck out the ideas when that happens. I'm excited, psyching myself up for posting that possible ghost/creeper/pareidolia picture I have. It will be an exciting weekend, indeed. Or not. Who knows? Haha. Perhaps it will become something, or lead into something else. Like when I wait for one of my favorite YouTubers to do a live show on Friday, or Saturday.   Let's see.   Hmmm, anything else I'

Ghost Pictures?

1/5/2023 So...I missed a post yesterday, I think. Yup, I checked. I did. But it was busy at the job. Back to work for the new year, I guess.   I have a new idea. I took a picture in the dark coming off the train a few weeks ago, and I made the picture brighter so you can see things in the back and around the trees and such. There are a few parts that look particularly interesting. I'll let you judge. I'll point out the parts I think are interesting. Pareidolia? Perhaps. But...   I enjoy watching those ghost videos on YouTube and the Discovery channels--the exploration videos, as well. Urban exploration. Abandoned buildings, silos, nuclear bunkers. Sometimes they find things more frightening than ghosts just searching alone. One is Franco TV. Some seem more legit than others. One of the things I like about Franco is if he doesn't find anything he doesn't find anything. That simple. Sometimes viewers point things out. It's the exploration that takes up the slack when


1/3/2023 A New Year. Back to work. I found a story I was messing with. Just something I was testing this new writing method I'm doing. It looked good, yet a mess. But I had never gone back to edit it. It didn't seem like I had written it. But then again, that could be because it had been quite some time before I reread the story. Wow. Just checked and I had written that back in April of 2022. Almost seemed like I had done it last week, or something. I'm telling you, it's crazy how fast time seems to be going by. And that confirms it yet again. How fast the holiday and New Year went past I mean.    So far so good. I misplaced my keys, so I can't get into my drawer at work. But that's ok. I have what I need in my bag. Hopefully, the guy who helped last time can help with the key again. (Update: he never came into work. Oh well. I survived).   The news doesn't seem too crazy so far. But I'd heard a few disheartening things on the way in. I have to

Rambling Thought not-edited

I have no drive. I see videos and work on the web and remember. I feel that spark. But that is all it is. And I don't want to discourage anyone. I'm feeling this, but I also know that I can bring back what once was.  I just have to search for what it is that had made me want to create in the past. Or what it is that just made me want to get up and do things.  It is the second day of the new year. Tomorrow is work. Four-day week. Sure. But I'm waiting for that anxiety that comes just before starting. And I realize that some of that anxiety is from not having done what I had set out to do over the weekend. So frustrating.  But I had made a plan to put up what I was thinking and this is what is coming to my mind now. Of course, I had paragraphs typed out on a Word document. But some things I cringe at. And they are boring, or repetitive. And until I feel comfortable with just throwing up nonsense (which I had said I would do as part of that practice) then that will have to lin

Happy New Year

  Happy New Year to all. I feel it went by so fast. Probably because of my surgery. And there were a few other things going on. But now the cold weather is here (That's If it really is. Judging by the weather in NY, it almost felt like summer in some places.) A few things linger on. I'll miss the lights and decorations, though.  Way too fast. And I wasn't not ready. Just not anticipating how fast things went. I guess that's one of the things about getting older that sucks.  Watching some walking videos at the type of writing this and I have a day off tomorrow, so things are pretty good right now. Talk soon.  WCM