Deadman's Tome Radio Show 6/3/2017

On Friday's show, we had slow start, but eventually got our guest on, Michael Mayers, a cryptid hunter who doesn't drink--I can respect that. I'm thinking of giving up the beers. The show was the reason i'd started again. 

JD: Hold up, read your contract. Section 3, letter b, it states that you must drink Corona. It's part of the sponsor deal. Don't worry about where the sponsor money is going, it's going towards a good cause. 

WCM: Yes. Well, lets not forget that we also hung up on the FCC himself, Kris. The boss. Had to, the guest had come on and we heard the Pumpernickel s#!t was starting again... 

JD: The Boss Man can suck it! We're breaking rules without a fuck, especially for our guest. What kind of boss calls in to a show so drunk he can't say a sentence. I hung up on his ass, and would do the same to anyone else. 

JD: He was calling us because he did not approve of Megan Foxx, not Megan Fox, giving me a hummer under the table. Uh, I didn't realize what I do with my dick concerns the contract!

WCM: We are trying every week to up the game, to tighten our skills and learn from our mistakes. Expect the show to only get better. Of course, you can give us a hint as to what you like. Here, just comment below on either of our sites. Also, sign up to get updates, it can't hurt. Make a bunch of drunk writers happy. Go on, follow us, sign up for updates on our sites, and comment below--even if you want to tell us to f$#k off. 

You can listen on Spreaker, YouTube iTunes and other places. Some important links below. 

See you next time.


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