Friday Musings 6/23/2017

I sit here in the Cafe for my Friday writing session and wonder: is retweeting a menace? Do you get more followers from original content? I say yes to original content, but there still is a need for the retweeting. Maybe a certain time of day for it. 

But then you get into the debate about retweeting the content of the original tweet, or making the retweet your own. I suppose there is no harm in owning the retweet, it's like merging original with plugging someone else, but then there are those who say you're doing the writer/publishing house/sex bot a favor by retweeting their original post. 

In conclusion, for now, I'm going to try and post more original posts, so people know I'm a human, and have a certain percentage of retweets. At least until I can look a bit further into this. 

Until tonight on the Deadman's Tome podcast, keep doing what you do. Unless, of course you're a killer (or any number of terrible things), then please, stop... 



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