If you were to tell me a year and a half ago that I’d be writing and posting three blog posts a week, I’d have thought you were nuts.
But that’s what I’m doing.
The change is drastic looking back through the lens of time, but if thrown on me all at once I’d probably have caved from anxiety.
It’s funny how when gradually exposed to something it makes it easier to accept.
Sort of like the government when they want to introduce something on the masses. They don’t just do it all at once. They gradually change things, then push, then change some more. And before you know it, you look back a year or two and see such a drastic change you don’t know how you got to that point. Research it, if you want to go down that rabbit hole.
Anyway. It was the basis of the comedy What about Bob with Bill Murray. Baby steps. 
But change happens. And anything can happen.
You have to start that change. I realize that now. That’s why when it comes to new things I’m less reluctant to accept and take them on. Beca…

What I'm Working On

Sitting here, thinking of something to write. Yup, one of those days. I have back up blog posts I can use, but they are good subjects that I don't just want to slap on. 
Hmmmm, think. 

Well. I'm helping someone out with a story they sent me. There's something. 

And I'm writing a story for an anthology. 

Then there's something else that's top secret. Can't give any details as of yet. 

I haven't been able to really do much writing. I've been sort of going through a phase- restructuring the storytelling program inside my head. 

This goes on and off. Reading, learning, thinking of new techniques. And so on. 

This blog, the YouTube channel and the show with Gary, add to that the thumbnails and artwork I do for my posts to gain attention, and even working on some video editing projects, have kept me quite busy. 

But I am working on a story. 

I will soon start editing a novel and sending out to an agent come Fall, hopefully. 

Working on different projects help other…

This, That, It, Something, huh?

This is an important subject I've noticed I fall prey to many times. I have to go back and catch it (no, not "it" explain what IT is!) 
See? I can go back and say, "I have to go back and catch these minor things." But then things is sort of in the same realm. What things? Though, if there is a modefier I guess it's ok. Depends on the situation. 

Surly the reader knows what you're talking about with these words, no? If you put it in the prior paragraphs. Right? 
See, your average reader doesn't recall everything. Most of the time they are on the subway, or being bothered from all sides, many times. Kids, the phone, the boss lol. 

To concentrate in these busy times is very. If you fill in an action, or thing, or anything, with this, that, it, something--words like those--then you can confuse the reader and make your article, or story, cryptic. 

I like that word. It reminds me of Tales From the Crypt. 
Your building a scene, going great, then you …

Your Job Or Your Dream?

Your job or your dream? 
So I have a very important choice. I have a change coming up at work. 

The manager there, just as all the ones that came before, wants to make their mark and torment the workers, old and new, to make some sort of mark that will never get noticed and they'll probably just end up leaving shortly anyway--this particular manager already expressed as much a few months ago. Plus, as long as I've been there, I've seen it all before. 

The dilemma lies with me looking for another job. 

The problem expands with my dream not having enough time. 

My writing. 

I have a road map of sorts laid down and this was definitely not on that path. 

I got a few offers to go inside where i'm working (as i'm working through an outside company through my current company), but that would require a new learning period, and possibly longer hours and take away from the little writing time I already have. 

Plus I don't really want to be there at all. 

Granted, I don't know…

Do The Opposite - Go Your Own Way

Should you take advice from others?
Let's say there’s an important step you have to take. A new job, or a new direction with your dream. But you are unsure of which path to choose. To make it worse, you ask people and get mixed answers.

Deep inside you know what that answer is, because if the answers you are getting don’t match what you feel then you will not like the answers you received.
You may want to rebel against what others say, it just feels so right to go with what you believe. But you just don't know. 
You may be steered wrong by individuals who have malicious intent, yet parading as an ally.
Other times the person you ask is not equipped with the experience to give you advice.
You have to understand what you feel inside, what you want from life. You will make the decision sooner or later. Will you choose the wrong direction?
Only you know that. Don’t let other’s run your life. 

Or like James Caan says, "Observe the masses and do the opposite." 

I like that, beca…

Juggle Life, Work and Your Dream

How do you juggle your life, work and your dream? 
For many this is impossible, only because they don't want to make the effort and go for it. 
Life is very hard, I'm not going to deny that. To work a full-time job, come home to take care of children and spend time with your spouse and those children, and then make time to do what you love to do is very daunting. 
What's more, you feel (at least I do) so guilty working on your dream while you realize you could be spending time with those most important to you. 
I think about how I'm not with them all day while at work, only to come home and work on this thing that could very well be my primary job one day, but it certainly doesn't look that way at the time you are doing it. 

And there is always the negative what-ifs. 
Then there's the fact that after you come home from work you're mind is fried, you can't really get into that state of thought necessary to, in my case, write. 
No one said it was going to be eas…

Thank You Fans, May I Have Some More?

How grateful are you to those who read your work?
How do you show that gratefulness? Do you do a free give away? Shout their name on social media? Or do you help them to achieve what they are trying to reach for in life?
I try to do some of those things, to connect with my readers/listeners by including them in conversation with blog posts and YouTube. But more and more, as I become the writer and paid author I am working to become, things will change up a bit. I'll still be engaging, but listeners will evolve into fans more than peers. 


Perhaps updates and happenings for fans who read my novels and such. Or just things that are going on and my views. But peers can still hang and network, find new fans interested in their work and such. 
And of course I'll want to get the opinions of those around me. So some things won't change. 
But change is inevitable. The great success is still a bit off, unless some profound mirical happens and I'm signed somewhere within the …