Shut Them Out

Do you ever feel after reading someone else's work that you are not as good, even if that may or may not be the case? And then it affects the way you write?

Woah! Shut them out? Well, yes. I'm not saying don't talk to anyone, and certainly keep communication open, no hate involved. But I was thinking and remembered when I was a kid and came out of a movie theater feeling energized--as though I were the hero of the story. 

It felt great! 

I imagined I was that character. And until I came down from the clouds, my kid life paled in comparison. 

I feel it's sort of the same in this situation I'm thinking about. You read someone else's work and it reads really good, like one of those great movies you watched as a child. You want to emulate this because it was so good. You look at your work half edited and feel down. 

It's easy to feel this way when you still have work to do on your project. But remember, what you just finished reading will influence what you write. W…

South of the Border

When I was a teen, some time after my mom passed, my Cousin Linda and her husband Jim took me and my sister and her son to Florida. We drove there. And along the way our group passed a place called South of the Border.

This place--between North and South Carolina--had all kinds of firecrackers, places to eat, hotel and more. Might have grown since then, but one thing I remember were the signs. 

It was fairly small, but for miles before and miles after there were signs advertising the place. Going there it says to stop, after passing it says to come back you missed it. These were creative little signs meant to catch your attention and make you laugh. 

I loved these signs. 

A lot of them have nothing to do with the actual place they advertised. I just thought they were funny and got excited waiting for the next one coming up. 

I've just recently had an update to my YouTube app where it allows you to crop a picture to use as a thumbnail. This was a hard thing to do before from what I'…

Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything happens for a reason. 

I'm not going to get religious, or too philosophical. That's for another place and time, perhaps.

But I feel that everything you go through and learn is getting you ready for something. 

You can learn from everything in life. 

I do art, writing, play drums and other artistic outlets. Throughout my life, as well. And now I'm utilizing all of it to fast track my way into what I want to do. 

See I've been a procrastinator. And that's OK. Dean Koontz says to wait until your somewhere around your 30s to write a novel. You have more experience. Yeah, that's definitely true. But there are still possibilies for anything, and everyone, at any age. 

The question is how bad do you want it? 

I want to write. I want to create stories that alow someone to escape. I know how that feels, growing up in the Bronx. My mom passed when I was young, thirteen I believe. Crazy things happened. 

I write horror. 

Thankfully I never used drugs. I did drink for a …

Don't Let Hate Consume You

You’re giving it your best, and just when you lift your head to look around, you find someone is trying to cut you down.
Or trying to copy something you’re doing. (Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.) Don’t let hate consume you. Half the time those perpetrating the hate are just jealous, or have some mental problem. It’s best to just steer clear of them and let them fizzle out.  It will eventually happen. I’ve seen it. When you get angry you get flustered, and nothing comes out right. And most of the time this is what that person wants to happen. And it stings even more when it’s someone you were buddies with. I say, just go with the flow. Do your best. Don’t worry about what anyone is saying. If they are copying you, so be it. They can’t be you. Take a turn, go in a new direction. Just don’t look in the rearview mirror, keep your eyes on the road. You’ll see your goal and get where you’re going. How do you deal with haters, and how much does it get to you? Let me know in the comm…

Imposing Rules Opressive?

Say what you will about rules, but sometimes, I feel, they can bring out the creativity in you. 

Allow me to explain. 

I don't love rules. Maybe it's my rebel years growing up in the Bronx. I grew my hair very long and... Well, there were a lot of other things that shaped those years, but that's for another post--perhaps a book in itself. 

But for certain things, rules can help. Of course you have to know where to break them, yet still respect them. 

See, I guess it also matters who makes them. Or, even, how they are broken. 

Something that comes to mind is my teen years listening to Howard Stern. Love him or hate him, Howard has an interesting story. 

He had feuds with many, but one of the ones that stood out the most was the ongoing battle with the FCC. 

This agency used him as one of the main examples when it came to lewd remarks and cursing. And he gave them hell for it. 

Yeah, he had some sticky situations where lawyers got involved, but for the most part he circumvented thei…

Where Am I Going With This? Evolution

So eventually I will transition over to writing about different things. I will still keep the essence of what I've been writing about here, and even that upbeat motivational post here and there, but things will change. 

Mature a bit. 

It will be the same, but different. 

We were talking about this on the last show with me and Gary Buller. The guest was Adrian Medina, co-owner of Aphotic Realm. You can listen here Horror with: Marchese & Buller

We know there has to be change for success. And it doesn't necessarily mean you have to do a 360. 

You can keep true to the essence of what made your work what it was. But new fans will want more. Older fans will need new content. 


You have to move on and up. It's a process to the top and even there you keep changing. 

Not only is it necessary, but it's healthy. 

And don't get me wrong  a lot of the aspects you love, that your fans love that works can stay. Heck, that's what they'll remember you by. But cha…

You Have it in You

Whatever brought you to this stage in your writing journey, you got here. Then you saw how things really were, perhaps, and slowed down a bit.

You dipped your toe into the pool and realized the water isn't half bad, actually. You may just step in. 

You can do this, you have it in you. 

Now do it. 

Don't listen to this one or that. Rise up and leave them in the dust with their negative comments. Sometimes they attack because they see something they don't have, they are jealous. 

You have to remember, this group will label you this, that group will call you other things. But you will always have an audience, and as long as there are those who are willing to listen to your words, who wait for more of who you are. 

You have nothing to worry about critics. They don't matter, ultimately its who believe in you. Those who you spark a jolt in their world. 

Someone can have all the fans in the world who wait on their every word, yet be chained down by that one person who makes them thi…