Motivation Monday 1/22/2018

It's Monday and I have jury duty. (update: didn't have to go, apparently you call in the day before to make sure your number has to come in. Maybe tomorrow) I can take notes and edit on my phone. Also, I have to finish up the cover for the next anthology. 

I'm thinking today about that transition that happens when you're an "indie" author (I hate that title) and moving into success. 

Hey, it could happen to anyone of us, at any moment. One day you're working your rear off and then BAM "We would like to offer you a deal, sign right here." 

I've seen some go from communicating on social media, to seeming so busy they have no time for anything, like saying "hey." 

They become a digital face on Twitter staring back with a neat little smile. Occasionally you'll get that tweet with a brief update, they're excited, and so on. 

It's almost like a course you're put through. You must do this, you are a product now. Do not talk her…

Friday Musings 1/19/2018

This Friday I am thinking about the different methods and styles of writing a story.
I try to mix it up a bit with each story. It’s basically the same finish point, and my voice is the same for the most part, but I try different tactics to get things together.
For instance. Dean Koontz writes his stories one page at a time, not moving forward until that first page is perfect. Stephen King just jumps in and writes as much as he can, letting the characters do their thing. Whatever outcome will come. J. K. Rowling has a board and plan of action for her stories.
I am currently on a first draft of a short where I’m using a more Stephen King approach. So far it’s going well. I noticed a lot more dialogue is taking place with this approach, as though the characters are talking their way about, through my fingers.
I liken what I’m doing, switching things up a bit, to musicians when they try different styles of music. You’ll get rockers playing reggae, or incorporating different genres of musi…

Midweek Thoughts 1/17/2018

This Wednesday, I’m feeling a bit down. And that’s normal. The question is, how fast do you get back up?
I didn’t even feel like posting anything, because I didn’t have that motivation.
It’s like everything is getting to my nerves. Not having time to write, trying to make time, sick of not being in the right mood to write when I happen to carve a bit of time.
Everything is off.
Most times when this happens, I just let it be. I go to sleep and when I wake next morning that energy and drive is there.
There will always be those days when one feels everything is against them. Too many competing to become writers, no time, groups and cliques who make you feel inferior. I can go on, just insert anything that brings you down. But those things are nothing!
Are you enjoying yourself? Are you doing what you want to do, your dream?
Be aware, as well, there will be those who will try to bring you into that negative state of mind, because they may be jealous of what you’re accomplishing--it can ev…

Monday Motivation 1/15/2018

Happy Monday, I know you probably don't want to hear that. But it will be fine. Cherish these days, for in the end you'll wish you had them. 

I have a day off today for Martin Luther King Jr day--great man--and haven't had time to do anything. Running around.

You'd think being off from work would give a writer time to do his/her thing, but working at home can be disrupting, as well. You either have to catch up on chores and such, or other things need attending to. Plus family, which you don't want to neglect.

It can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. There are many ways to escape here and there, and you'll be doing the things you need to do.

I'm pecking this away as I wait for my car to warn up. It's freezing here in NY. 

Unsavory to some, but if done in the right and clean way, the bathroom is an excellent time to get a few writing things done.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. My cell phone is one of the best things that has …

Friday Musings 1/12/2018

Recently I was told by a writer buddy that it's funny how changing the ending of a story can alter the whole thing. I thought about something. What kind of story is the one--THE one--they want? Does it contain that catchy ending? An emotional one? Or is a mixture of the two, with the catchy part concealed and not outright disclosing itself for what it is. Possibly a gimmick? 

Maybe.  It’s in the eye of the beholder (thought I was gonna say tiger, huh?), and I’m sure both are loved by many. But what gets your story sold? What do people come back time and time again for? What will create a lasting memory in the minds of many a different reader? Is it poetic, more literary prose? Or a written version of basically a movie in your head? At this point in time I have the idea that it could be anything, depending on the editor and what they want/need for the particular publication. Mainstream novels tend to be more meat and potatoes, while the more literary aim to please a certain group—though …

Midweek Thoughts 1/10/2018

Don’t throw that story out to the world so fast. Give it time. Some take many months working on a short story. Some can write one in a week. But how can you tell when a story is finished? I feel a story tells me when it’s done. Like, not literally, but, well, maybe? If writers hear voices and talk to themselves, then just maybe... 
(I know I wasn't supposed to tell them about you, oh come on, they think this paragraph is a pathetic joke by some new blogger. Shhhhh.) Well, moving on. If you send out a project prematurely you may be setting yourself up for failure.
Deadlights, I mean Deadlines. Yeah. 

Ah, but that brings back good memories. 
One time I wrote a story for an anthology. There was pressure for time, and my day job had become nuts, like usual. I couldn’t completely wrap my mind around completing this story. Plus, I was overworking to make up for less skills, because there were things I learned later that made the process a lot easier. 
Sometimes deadlines don't work out, es…

Monday Motivation 1/8/2018

Can you believe we're already at the 8th of the new year? 

I'm thinking about a few things this Monday. Getting through the week and writing. Typing this out on my cell at work. 

Still waiting on a submission I sent out in early December, and working on another last night,among a few others. 

And I'm here sneaking out this post during the day job. 

It gets down to a sort of grind. 

Daily life, family, work etc. 

Writing, reading, editing, repeat. 

Send out every now and again, reflect on where you are, where you want to go. Shift expectations. Continue back at Daily life. 

It just keeps going. There are some deviations to this, but for the most know. 

I suppose this is how some writers decide if they're going to keep pushing forward, or call it quits. 

How do you cope with the this? Does it drive  you crazy? And, as always, I still say to keep moving forward--you have to keep positive. But does it sometimes make you want to throw in the towel? 

Comment below or on Twit…