Friday Musings 11/17/2017

One more week until Thanksgiving. Next Musing will be Black Friday. I’ll work that day, but it will be like getting paid for nothing. The highways are free flowing and Manhattan is a ghost town.

Well, except for retail outlets. Those I wouldn’t go within at least a 30 foot radius. Even though there are things wrong with it, and we probably won’t even fully understand what those things are for years to come, I still find solace in shopping online. 

Last week I had a story release in Aphotic Realm Banished. I'm pushing hard on the final level of a story I’m working on for Crystal Lake Publishing titled The Cat. And I'm almost done with editing the stories for Deadman’s Tome Christmas Cthulu. 

So many things going on, you’d think I was doing a full time job, but all that goes on in between (lunch) and after (editing until I wake up at 2 in the morning wondering why my phone is in bed with me, or why my laptop has been drained). The main job keeps me alive, for now. And I do believe …

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 11/10/2017

WCM: We had a very special guest on this past Friday's show. Jonathan Maberry joined us for a very informative episode. We discussed his many projects. He’s worked on the Marvel zombies universe and even has multiple novels involving those dastardly beings that eat brains. So, yeah, zombies came up once or twice during the conversation.

JD: Jonathan Maberry is a cool cat and made for a great guest. How does someone go from professional thug to best-selling author? The details are all in the show!

WCM: We talked to Kentucky Bob’s wife, who had some colorful words for Deadman. We had to censor because it became a bit inappropriate.

JD: I do not like that word. When someone tries to censor it feels limiting. Growing up, my favorite show was South Park, my favorite talk show was Stern, and my favorite comedian was Jack Black and Ron White. Those guys are at their best when allowed to fly free! That moment with hillbilly bob would've been funnier if I was allowed to go to the extreme!

Monday Motivation 11/13/2017

When you have nothing left, things don't seem to be going right. You're tired. It's Monday... There's something that can keep you going.

Some call it their muse. That inner voice, calling out to you to do your thing. It can feel like a good friend has come to visit when this denizen of creativity appears. Let it happen. 

Embrace it. 
When it comes to some they get giddy, overcome with emotions. Because it's back. You see? And it's going to help. He/she/whatever it may be. 
This Monday, don't just think it's about starting a week at work, and you've got nothing done. Take out that story you've been editing (or movie, or anything you've been doing) and get to work. Your muse will be out soon. Listen to what they say. You may like what you hear.


Friday Musings 11/10/2017

The news today can be a landmine of information. If you're not careful, Boom! You've just succumbed to someone's opinion, or read a story that has half truths to it. All designed to in site feelings and sculpt what you think. Not all do this, but most do. 

Reading news should be, in my opinion, a well rounded practice of reading from a few different angles. Some news outlets are bent a certain way, whether it be "left" or "right." So you want to try and obtain the full picture. Read the same story from a few sources.  

It's OK to have opinions, no problem at all. Just remember there may be downfalls to how you express them. 

When you use the brand you have built to preach about views and ideology, then you run the risk of alienating your fans. 

Most consumers of entertainment do not want to get caught up in politics, or current events. Most of the time these are depressing stories to the consumer who are probably trying to escape it all in the first pla…

Monday Motivation 11/6/2017

I say often to those who fail to save their work, or to those who's computer crashes, that it happens for a reason. And I do believe that. Yet when it happens to you it's totally different. 

But it may just be a sign. 

It's happened to me before, and as far as I can remember, it's always worked out for the better, especially if you get down and work hard to redo the lost work. Most of the time you end up creating something even better. 

Just recently I received notes from fellow writers in my group about a short story I'm working on. One if them told me something about the ending which caused me to realize something. I then outlined a better ending. 

I don't remember if I replied to them with it, or if I wrote it down somewhere, but I lost the info. 

So, I got myself into the exact same situation I tell people is no big deal. I had no other choice but to dig into the practice of redoing what I had already done. 

I looked over the info I had and got to work. I moved p…

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 11/3/2017

WCM: Another great show, this time around. Kris McFadden,  aka: Tha Pessimist, joined in with the jest fest. This time he toned it down a few thousand notches from the previous times he'd been on. 

JD: Tha Pessimist only toned down because of the sheer power of Tony Robbins. Tony was the real star of the show. 

WCM: We tried to get through some news and an article about what makes editors reject stories, but ultimately kept drawing back to conspiracy theory topics and Kris. 

JD: True, we tried to go over somethings like David Farland's ten reasons why your story will get quickly rejected, but that topic took a backseat for conspiracy theories. Tha Pessimist came on wanting to talk about Halloween conspiracy, so my good friend Tony Robbins came in to assist with a thorough exploration. 

WCM: We even made a small show for the middle of the week with Kris, and it ended up going almost an hour. Kris just has that charisma. 

JD: Aww, yes. Kris Tha Pessimist stayed around to shoot the sh…

Friday Musings 11/3/2017

So you want to be a writer. You want to write that piece that everybody fawns over. Right? 

Be honest with yourself. 

Of course you do. That's what we're all striving for endlessly posting on Twitter and Facebook, etc. Searching for the coveted formula that pushes you into super stardom. 

And where, exactly, can you find this formula you ask? Is it listening to what others tell you--and knowing when not to listen? Is it knowing when something doesn't work and just nixing the whole thing and starting over? Is it constantly learning new things every day, and not saying, "Oh, I already have what I need?" maybe all of that and maybe none of that. 

You see, there is no specific formula for anyone. Writing is like what they call in the gaming world "grinding." You do little things, learn things, read, put out posts, get reactions, then having built enough power to put out a short story, novella, or even a full novel. 

There are those who call themselves Indie Auth…