Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap (6/15/2017)

First off, sorry this post is coming out late. We had an early show last week on Thursday and add to that another busy week at work, a perfect storm was created. Here is the notes for the vampire couple interview. 

WCM: Hello, and welcome to another action-packed episode of the show. We had real-deal vampires, we had Gary Buller calling in, we even had fart and sex soundboard noises to go along with it all. 

JD:  Countess Lea and Count Tim Van Doorn were very cool to talk to. They shared so much about the vampire way of life that they might be in trouble with their coven!

WCM: We learned so many things from the vampire couple. We even asked them tons of questions. I feel we did a well rounded interview. 

JD: of course we did. Though I went for the very personal questions very early, we managed to pace it. Besides, the vampire couple were so open to just about any question. They even told us about blood types. Apparently, type o negative tastes like chocolate!

WCM: Vampires are ploygimous, from what these two are saying, but it's really not like that. 

JD: it seems very much like that. Countess Lea invited me to be a dedicated blood gimp, and Tim approves. I don't think my wife would...

They did say that though they have orgies, they're not vampiric orgies. They're your usual run of the mill orgies. Go figure. 

Until next time, you can catch up on back episodes, and even the most current one on YouTube, iTunes and Spreaker

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JD and WCM


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