Friday Musings 6/30/2017

Another Friday. This one is a holiday weekend. Time to relax a bit. But like that saying, when you love what you do... I think that applies here. Can't get ideas out of my head, they call to me. 

This Monday I'll have free time, because while most of Manhattan is out of town, I'll be at work. It's OK, though. I will be writing. Probably some reading. There might even be a latte leaf somewhere in the equation. 

I just had two stories drop at the same time, one in Monsters Exist anthology and the other in Unnerving Magazine. Double the promotion--but I still love it. Well, Monsters doesn't come out until Saturday. It has been nice to have two come out. If someone doesn't like one... You know. And while there is that energy of knowing two of my stories are out there, there is always that nervous energy, as well. But I'd rather use any energy I build on the next story. More productive. 

You can get Monsters Exist here

And Unnerving Magazine here.

Going directly to the site cuts a lot of garbage and supports the magazines more, but if you want, both are also on Amazon. Monsters, this Saturday. 

Oh and don't forget to listen to the show tonight. All sorts of end-of-the-week fun is to be had. 

Until later. 



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