Writers or Readers or Bots, Oh My!

I've been thinking about this readers and writers thing. On Twitter, after you've been at it a while, you start to see many different accounts start to follow you. Some are genuine people, some writers looking to plug their stuff, and some are just fake accounts that are probably sold to people who buy that sort of thing to make themselves look more important than they really are. That last bit is ridiculous. 

Anyway. How are you ever supposed to get your writing and other artistic things out to consumers if all you have are fellow writers? 

And don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing to have fellow writers, but some of these people following have nothing to do with what I'm doing--like entrepreneurs and social media gurus. Then there are the sex bots and weirdos that clearly have no purpose other than to be sold to someone who buys them for what I said before--to fluff up your followers. 

It's nice to have people who know you read your blog, or buy your book, but if you're serious about making this into a career one day, then you'll want to try and find consumers that are on here to find their next favorite author. 

I want to know, what are you? If you've read this, are you a fellow writer/reviewer, are you a bot (you probably wont answer haha) or are you a reader who wants to know more about what I have to say -- why? haha. 

I'm going to put up a vote on Twitter, click off what you think. 

And please, leave your comments below and follow for more of this insane goodness. 

Talk next time. 



Anonymous said…
I'm pretty fussy with Twitter followers. I don't usually follow back if they are just following to boost numbers. I've found that it's important to do more than simply post stuff about my blog all the time, same with writers. If all they ever do is The "hey, buy my book" post then it's goodbye from me.

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