Monsters Exist Author Expose - Theresa Braun - Legend Trippers

Our next author in the Monsters Exist anthology is from Theresa Braun. In Legend Trippers, we follow Jaxson, a train conductor with a haunted past trying to make sense out of what hed seen from the corner of his eye after an accident. Here is the story behind the story. 

Legend Trippers
By: Theresa Braun 

When thinking about a monster story to write, I did some internet searching. The urban legend of the Pope Lick monster caught my attention. What was interesting to me was the fact that a few people have lost their lives in trying to see whether or not there actually is a Goatman who lives near the trestle in Kentucky. Apparently, the creature has the power to use mind control and shape shifting to lure victims to their demise. Some rumors say that the monster might be trying to warn people of the oncoming train, but they are so scared when they see the thing and its red eyes that they are unable to escape.

Aside from the horrific stories and loss of life, the imagery of the creature really appeals to me. There's something mythological about it. It evokes the lore of Pan from Greek mythology and yet also has some connection to the devil imagery of Christianity. Is the beast really evil, or only a misunderstood and rejected escaped circus freak. Or a reincarnated man who worshipped the devil? Whatever it is and whether or not the Goatman really exists, it touches a nerve with so many people. It's like it's a part of our consciousness, which is why, I think there have been widespread sightings of this monster all over the United States.

I hope my story "Legend Trippers" does the urban legend justice and that readers also find it entertaining.  


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