Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 6/23/2017

WCM: We had a very pleasant night on the show. Our guest was great, although he did get a little aggressive with the Catman, and I didn't agree with it. 

JD: Austin Wood of Horror Night Podcast put Catman in his place! He also tried to contest Marchese for co-host.

WCM: We talked about panty man and had a horror game show set up between me and our first sponsor. 

JD: ah, yes. Hentai Kamen (AKA Pervert Mask) a Japanese superhero whose power comes from how perverted he can be. He gets strength from wearing used panties on his head! This strange superhero was featured in a weekly magazine called Shonen Jump, same magazine where a number of popular anime and manga got their start. 

I though Austin was going to just play a simple trivia game, but he made it very clear that he wanted to push Marchese out from the co-host slot. As Austin put it, he is the Dynamite!

WCM: Austin was a great guest, but he almost took my job and I can't let that happen. I mean, my horror knowledge prevented me from loosing. 

JD: for how much smack talk Austin brought, I really did not expect him to lose. The theory is that Marchese cheated. Maybe someone fed him the questions in advance!

WCM: so that's it for now. Hope you enjoy the show. See you next week. And to keep up with all new. subscribe below or follow us on Twitter 

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