Friday Musings (6/2/2017)

Although a short week, it's felt like a long one. Got some writing done, not what I wanted. But anything is something. 

I'm going to try and catch up with things I've been meaning to do. Monsters Exist is shaping up, there are 12 + reviewers reading to do their thing. Plus I also have a story coming out in Unnerving Magazine in the Summer. And a story in their Chapbooks project.

Although I've accomplished quite a few things, and i'm far from procrastinating any longer, I still feel I'm moving at a snails pace. Sometimes I want to just walk out of work and finish my writing projects. Then there are those days when I have to be in complete silence to finish editing, otherwise the writing really suffers. Then there are those lovely times when I get a perfect idea, but some other task calls for my undivided attention--mostly at work. 

Of course there are distractions I don't mind, because I don't want to be on my deathbed thinking, wow, I didn't live life. But sometimes even those have to be locked out for moments at a time, in some other room, in complete quiet. It's necessary. 

But looking back on my accomplishments keep me moving forward, and it's not so bad when I consider how much I've evolved to find much more time to write and read. TV time is almost non-existent--mostly just a quick snippet of news some days. 

And lets not forget it's Friday! So ultimately we got through this work week. 

Remember to listen to the Deadman's show tonight where I think we're talking to a cryptid hunter. 

Of course you can always catch it on iTunes and YouTube right after. Here's the link to the live show. 10pm Central, 11pm Eastern. 

Until next time. 



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