Friday Musings (6/9/2017)

Today marks off another week down. It hasn't really been warm yet, though the transition into a supposed heat wave this weekend starts today. 

Saturday will be warm, but Sunday is going into the nineties. Then it's going to last into the middle of next week. Of course, things can change, as they always do with weather predictions. So lets see what happens. 

Sometimes you can try and predict what a story is going to be about, or what point you want to make in it, but it doesn't necessarily turn out the way you planned. 

The key word is focus, because it's easy to fall off the point of what you are trying to say. Rushing things can be helpful at times, to put a fire under your rear, to get you moving. Though, most times it just messes you up, creating unnecessary anxiety and pressure on the creative process. 

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That's live 11pm Eastern, 10pm Central. 

See you soon. 



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