Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap (6/9/2017)

WCM: Hello and welcome to the Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap. Last night's show went natural in that we did not have one drop of alcohol - erm, apple juice... We had some favorites on, Manuel Tapia and Tha Pessimist, and even a surprise guest with Pess, Zena. Oh and did I mention the Catman beat Pess in a rap battle? 

JD: The sober life is tough. I felt the shakes during the show. I had to break out the emergency stash of Lone Star to ease the cravings. Oh, yeah, Cat Man totally out rapped Tha Pessimist. I thought Pessimist had skill, but apparently a pussy took him back to school. 

Zena was a great guest. She's welcomed back anytime. I want to know more about the sex party she performed a DJ.

WCM: We tried to get the calling feature to work, but neither did. The Skype was a bit better, but both have to be thoroughly looked at. Freaking shame. 

JD: the call in worked fine the previous show and nothing changed. I had to call the callers back in order for me to hear them. Probably a Skype thing. 

WCM: I'll have to admit, my mind was clear and things went smooth overall. I'll have to go back to not drinking. Healthier. 

JD: I have to maintain my image. I'm like the drunk uncle of horror publishing. I'm the guy that would probably bang a hooker behind a dumpster. I'm the guy that would probably sneak Scope into a rehab facility. Wait... maybe these aren't good things. 

Hhhmm, you know... maybe I could try to turn a new leaf. Maybe, but it depends on if I get that sponsor deal with Coors 

You can listen on iTunes and Google Play and here, on Spreaker:

Until next time. 

WCM and JD


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