We're Only Human

So. What to write. At the risk of sounding self-important (which is something I semi-loath), I am trying to think of ways to get more posts out. I don't think my words are anything to be hanging off of. However, I do follow channels/accounts/posts from people that I enjoy reading their thoughts. Like coming back to an old friend for a conversation. Sometimes you can get insight, and sometimes you dismiss their analysis of...whatever. Sometimes it's just like visiting an old friend. 


Either way. That's not what the point of this channel of thought was today. I am trying to figure out a way to post more. It is a possible win win. Win for me because I get to write more and challenge myself to learn new things. And a possible win for the person that is coming to my posts to get that insight. An old friend. Sometimes that's a great thing in life. Familiarity. But if I post more often, it means sometimes I may express thoughts for that moment in time that I perhaps may reevaluate later--sometimes even just moments later. It happens.

That's life.

People realize things and change their stance, their opinion, their views. Though, there is always a baseline that stays with them. Core values you will come back to. 


There may be times--and I believe I'd said this before in a post--where a post may just be rambling. Nonsense that was meant to be something, but only makes sense to myself. I've also wanted this to be a sort of journal of thought. A YouTube of words. Though, I can post videos on here as well. Videos that would be ONLY for here. That would be an interesting experiment.


The question is now. Do I do it? Sometimes I post with a lot of time in between. I don't want to post things as though I think I know everything--like a lot of other blogs do (they come across that way to myself, at least). I want my thoughts to be a process. Maybe for us all to come to a conclusion together. To think through things and use logic. Maybe we figure out the thought/subject/question, and maybe we leave it hanging for another time. Maybe it opens us to look deeper and see new ways of thinking and viewing things. 

A philosophy of sorts. 


What I don't want to do is be fake. And if I feel I am, or it looks that way, call it out. Perhaps it's just being perceived as fake and there is a good explanation. I've seen a few videos on YouTube of others where I had that feeling/expectation and it turned out that I was wrong. We can discuss it. 


We're only human.


I'll leave it there for now. I'm planning a posting blitz, so this will probably be like the second or third thing that goes up.

Let's see. 




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