Save Money

 We've all seen and heard, for the most part, what's been going on with the economy and stuff. It's not normal what's happening. Are things being manipulated? Is this just the product of careless actions on behalf of those in power? Whatever the case is, the situation is getting worse--or at least seems to be.

Whatever the case may be (wow cliche) I'm planning on showing you how to cut corners and make your own food, with simple ingredients. As easy as you want it. Not all that fancy garbage you see on oyher sites, claiming you need this and that. No this specific flour and not that much water! I'm talking all purpose flour baby! And easy. Oh, and way more healthy. 

Random Will is going to be a YouTube channel about random things. One of those things is going to be about cooking. So, let me get off my rear and get to it. I'm going to try and make pizza be one of the first videos. Might have to revise that video eventually, depending on how bad the quality sucks, and then I'll go from there. 

Coming in the fall I have a great way to make eggnog lattes at home and you can save 4 to 5 dollars an a cup. 


And it only costs the price of the ingredients and a milk frother. 

Stay tuned. We're going to save money!



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