Whew What a Post

OK. So after that weird last post. What was that about? Well, it was my thoughts. A different look at them, at least. That's what's going through my mind about a million miles per hour, at times. It's not fun and it can be triggered (there's a modern word for ya) at any moment when I reminisce on things. And the thing is, once it changes something inside, it's kinda hard to change that feeling back to the positive side.




Then comes the OCD to the rescue. A few rituals and things are right back to where they were. A vicious circle, for sure.


I think if I were creating, I'd be entrenched in that stuff enough not to worried about having wasted time all these years. But the key is, the important thing is, to be doing something. At least then I might fool my mind into thinking I was not just sitting there all that time. Anything. Ok, that sounds depressing.


But alas, here I am. Typing this as I take a break from my work, just before going to lunch where I'll probably upload the post you see before this one. And now, reading this back and editing it in the morning a day later before my day starts. And I want to make a thumbnail, but I don't feel it because of the time pinch. And I could throw something up quick, but I don't want to totally dilute the quality.


I used to produce things quickly before, when was putting up three YouTube videos a week. But that was different. Sort of.


Eh, well, let me wolf down the rest of my coffee. Or maybe I'll save it for the afternoon. I'll see.


Talk soon.




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