Head in the Cloud

 My thoughts for today, right now, this very second are that back in the old days writers used pencil and paper. Then they moved on to typewriters. Ok, so before that they used other means, but let's get modern, huh? So today, they just save stuff to the cloud, save this save that. They being writers, of course.


Sure. But I can't always do that. Especially because most of the time when I'm writing down an idea, or scene, I'm at work, during a bit of a down time. Piecing something together that makes absolutely no sense later when I look at it. But... That's if I CAN FIND IT!


Yup. I said it. Word sometimes sucks. I can't find files that I had open. I mean, I'll give them a bit of the benefit of the doubt. It might be when my job shuts down the virtual desktop that causes the Word program to lose the file. Sometimes it's there, and sometimes...


But either way. I have access to a printer. I can print these up and look at them later. And while I'm still typing electronically, I can go hybrid and print them and edit the old-fashioned way. And then retype the article/story/shopping list later on on my own version of Word--the one that doesn't let me down?


There's a thought for this fine Thursday morning.


Ugh oh, I know. I'm timestamping myself here. Well. Let's see if I do get it out on Thursday.


Until then. See you next time.




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