Saving Money -- Perspective

I've been thinking and yesterday got an idea. I see how prices on goods are going up, how sizes of products are getting smaller so the company can look good not raising the price (of course until you realize that they've lessened the size of the product). But by then it's too late. And then we get used to it. I read that those prices and size changes don't go back once things get better. Then those companies post great quarters because of raising the price. Of course there are intricacies that come into play, but I've seen this, read this, and it's frustrating. 

Then there's the fast food prices going up. I've asked around and found the price of a pie can reach 20 plus in some places. Then there's the toppings. And you may want something on the side? Mozzarella sticks? Garlic knots? Sure. Throw them in. Then there's a chance the order is messed up; price, items not given, product poorly made. And it goes on and on. 

Why would you pay more for that? 

I went out recently and bought a small latte, two wake up wraps and a Boston cream from Dunkin' Donuts. And when I asked the person behind the counter if they had the usual sale on the wake up wraps, they seemed confused, asked what I think was their superior in the fast food establishment, and that individual said "no sales". Ok. I sort of expected that. Surprised a bit, because these places usually thrive off of their deals, but ok. Those items came to $10.32. And one of the wake up wraps didn't even have cheese. All I ordered was egg and cheese. And these things are flimsy little things to boot. It is basically a meal for one. A coffee, two little wraps and a donut. Over ten dollars. 

I had the latte (which might I add tasted terrible--maybe because I got use to making my own coffee the way I truly like it), my wife had one of the wraps and my daughter the other. I also split the donut with my daughter. This was mostly just a snack. 

To put this into perspective. I can buy a brick of Cafe Bustelo (approximately) let's say, five dollars. Give or take because you can get sales. This brick will give a week or two of coffee, for someone who drinks multiple cups a day. For me it might be a week or a bit less. But still. 

Then I can buy a sack of bagels for about $3.99. 6 Bagels, and give or take on price and quantity. Sales. Yadda yadda. 

Then there are the donuts, which you can buy as well. Or make on your own. But let's face it, Dunkin' Donuts' main thing is donuts. So maybe you splurge on one. Buy a half a dozen or a dozen and I believe they still have that sale. Not sure. 

The point is just buying and making the other things you save so much. And for the price of that one meal, you could have breakfast for at least a week. 

When I go to Trader Joe's I buy a few extra 5 lbs bags of organic flour for $3.99 (regular even cheaper). And I go through one bag in a weekend. I make my own pizza. Like two pies. Whatever I want on them. Mushrooms? Sure. A huge pack of the fungus is like three something. Smaller a dollar fifty, or so. So for the price of getting mushrooms on a slice in a pizzeria, you can

outfit two pies handsomely. TI make my own pancakes. I make my own pasta. My wife makes cookies and bread. 

Bread is over four dollars a loaf! But compared to lunch outside, still a bargain if you're taking your own lunch to work. 

All of these items I'll go over. Very easy to make. Even the pasta, if you make extra you can freeze it for when you need it. And the fresh food tastes so much better. And you won't get all those added ingredients that are in the food these days to keep it from spoiling--and keeping the companies price down. 

I plan on making these food items in future videos, to show how easy they are. And I'll post here and there when I see examples. 

There are so many ways of doing this. I'll show you my way and you take it and make it your own. 

I can say. One of the many things I've learned during this pandemic was how to cut down on excess. Things I didn't need. You can still have them, just when you need them. I have stories. God willing I'll get to them. But I have to do some yard work and make some pasta. Raviolis. So good. And you can make the filling anything you like. We'll talk about it some time. Until then. 

See you next time. 



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