Holiday Goodies at Kohl's

This blog is like my YouTube. Or at least an easier way to do posts. It's also like a social media page. Before we went to Puerto Rico the last week of August into September, we had stopped at Kohl's to pick some things up. And I saw my first catch of Fall items. I forgot to post them. So here it goes. 

In PR, in Walgreens, and since coming back, I have seen tons more. And even some Christmas goodies in Costco. 

Now I just need to go to Michael's to see the wonders they have there. Exciting stuff. I know. I'm weird. Ever since I was a child, when my Mom was alive, I used to love watching the commercials during game shows and soap operas and going to the supermarket. I still love going to the supermarket. I had the toy groceries. Loved them. My daughter has similar toys today, but they are small. Reminds me of those toys back then. 

I remember when my sister and I used to take Entenmens donut boxes and turned them into TV sets where we drew pictures and pressed them up against the clear plastic. We had imagination. 

More holiday pictures to come. And maybe I'll stop into Michael's to check out the wonderful Fall items there soon. 

See you next time.



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