An Influencing Thought, or Influencing Thought

Growing up in a period when all the tech companies were just starting to form was a fun time. I had seen what they call "influencers" now create content that would come to be a pretty big deal today. 

There was something to it I didn't understand back then. A connection. You also could get rewarded far easier than you can today. Monetized. Even blogs were a pretty big thing. Some say these days you may have lost out on that opportunity, but there are always ways to do things your own way, to make it your own. If you just think about it. Make it better. I've read one can still do something with even blogging. I guess that "something" is the question. And how one goes about doing it. 

Jumping in is another good idea, because you may mess up the first dozen or more times, but then you get a feel for things and come back stronger and with a better understanding of what you're capable of and what you want to portray or convey to your audience. A feel for the space you have. Sometimes all you have to do is be yourself and someone (or many) out there will want to see it. 

Connection. And being interesting. Well, I have to see. Guess this is going to be more of a thought post. Though, half of this was an older thought that I added to. I have a couple more to work on, but for now, I have to get back to some things. 

Talk soon. 



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