Direct Post

I brought my laptop to work today. It's going to be slow, so I wanted to have it on me. Plus, a manager wanted some help with a blog

, so there's an excuse to bring it, as well. 

Someone from the floor suggested bringing in a device to read with. It should be a quiet next two days if the past three are anything to go off of. 

But back to the title. I'm posting directly to this blog. I usually create something and then email it to myself. It's quick and easy. But the process of getting it from my work computer to my personal device, and then getting it up on here, can prove to be a bit of a task. And thus, I don't end up posting most of what I write--even if I don't mind it going up. 

But that's okay. Okay, OK. Which to use? 

I'm trying to get the energy--mentally--to create again. All of it has come to a halt. And I used to enjoy it so much. I think it's important to just have fun and get the content made. That's the most important. But what do I know? haha. I'm just some guy typing on a blog to try and rekindle something that may not even be there any longer. 

It's there. 

Well. I'll see if anything else comes to me. Not feeling particularly full of ideas at the moment. Just wanted to try posting directly. 

See you next time. 



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