Are Blogs Dead?

I am trying to think of things to write. Thoughts on my mind that I am authentically thinking and want to post, to see if blogs are still alive. YouTube videos do things, only in video form. So why can't the blog format do it, as well? 


I'm sure there are still people who want to read, who enjoy it, over watching a video. Maybe. I can also see how a video is easy and relaxing and less stressful in these times. When bad news and events are bombarding us from all around.


I admit. I enjoy listening to my favorite YouTubers as I do something else, almost like a radio show or a podcast. But to those who enjoy the reading part of it, and I'm sure they are still out there, the blog should still do the trick.


I mean, if the blog is dead, then why do you still have sites like Blogger and WordPress. And some may say they are dying, but are they?


I'm not going to cite any one blog, or article, because if you search "are blogs dying?" you can look over the articles for yourself. A lot of them seem to be bloggers, go figure. You think they're going to want to admit that their medium is dying? No. But perhaps they are earning from their blogs and going off of that. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit too busy/lazy to look over this too far. But I don't think, going over some of this info and from what I've seen lately, that blogging is dead.


Like YouTubers, there can be different ways to attack it. Like. If you aren't qualified--like me--you can hit it at an angle of learning with your audience and becoming a "pro" as you go. Or you can have those fancy degrees and show them to prove you know what you're talking about. You can be a trusted source, perhaps one who is cited at the end of posts like this. Of course, if you aren’t "qualified," you can always cite your findings to show that you've done the research and let your audience go over what you've found on your journey--you know, make it easier for them, like doing the footwork and such.


So I don't think blogging is dying. And it can go hand in hand with the YouTube thing. Going to see how this goes. How the algorithm works if I post more and see if consistency is the best way to go about it. We'll see. And if you're here to see with me, nice! Let's see how this goes together. Maybe I'll narrate this. That's another thing I was toying with. You know, my voice reading this so you don't have to? Or can follow along? 

Well, let's see. 

Note: I tried a few ways to upload audio, and caught a few snags. Finally recorded and edited it on the video editor I use for YouTube. There is a little background noise, but this is all just a test. Let's see how it goes. 



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