Time Machine


Ah, another day. I've been consistent so far with my posts. That's a good thing. I'm glad that's working out. I do have other posts that I may just unload. Or just forget about. Who knows?


This morning I was thinking about a few things, but, of course, I open Word, and all that spills out from anywhere in my head thoughts manage to seep out never to be seen again until that moment when I'm doing some mundane task and BAM, hey, see me here? Your thoughts? You'd love to record me, huh? But you seem a bit busy. And anyway, by the time you open your recording app, or get a pen and napkin (or something) I'll have vaporized into the ether once again.




But then there's that saying, maybe it wasn't meant to be put down on paper/Word/Napkin/Hand. Perhaps. Who cares? Too much thought for a thing that happens to just about everyone, I'm sure. I mean, I do care. It is annoying, sometimes depressing. But it happens. And like that phrase I hate "it is what it is," I guess it is just that. Huh? Maybe it doesn't have to be. That's why I hate that phrase. Because there is always, always, a chance, an opportunity. It's just someone may not want to try/attempt to make the effort. Thus, why I hate the phrase.


Another I hate is appreciate. (Hey, that rhymes.) I don't think anyone really appreciates when they say that word. Perhaps some do; can't say all don't. But I'd been hearing that phrase uttered/spit out/vomited up from the throats of many around work and I said to myself hmmmm, why is everyone using this? I know phrases go trendy, like my other favorite one, the what-it-is one, but what is it about this appreciate thing? [<-this sentence is a mess, but I'm leaving it.] So, I checked and it's a business power word that is seeping out to the masses.


Either way, it's annoying. "Thank you" should be good enough. I can get behind that. I can feel it. And you're not committing too much to it. But appreciate? No. Maybe if you say I REALLY appreciate, or add SO MUCH at the end. Maybe. Even then.


If someone appreciates, I see a person having done something for someone and they reach into their pocket and whip out a twenty, or something, and slip that into the other person's hand and say, "I really appreciate your help with this". And you know. That says it all. That is appreciation by golly.


Now I know, I may be going too deep into this. But it is a thought dump and I have had constipation, so here it is. I don't like those phrases. Can I work with them? Sure. But that is what's on my mind at this moment.


That and how fast this holiday has come upon us. But I guess work, being older, and especially overtime, does that to you. Last week I was doing twelve-hour days. At some point the days had melded together and I didn't know what was what. Your dinners all seem like one long dinner. It's a very strange feeling. And while it's not literal: it's sort of like when someone says they hear voices, but they don't actually hear voices, maybe just a thought that is nagging them--but when thinking back that voice sounds like an actual voice. Or maybe they do hear a voice, but it's not like it's outside their heard and all around them. It's within. You know? It's a very strange feeling.


But yeah, that will do it. Constant work and sprinkle in a decent helping of worry and you have a recipe for time travel like you wouldn't believe. The days seem like a blur and you can only go forward. Sort of like the speed of light thing I've seen in a documentary or two. One person is moving faster than the other, they are not aging while the other is, the Theory of Relativity, yadda yadda. Only thinking back do you see this travel, though. And then you can remember all those times when you heard the appreciate phrase, or the it-is-what-it-is phrase. Barf.


And there you go, borderline this post won't go up. But it's slow at work so it probably will. It's all just my thought process--which is just short of me not going back and correcting all the errors. I am doing a bit of correction. But I'm just trying to get the thoughts out and that's it. Sometimes I think the thoughts and flow sound better than when I go back constantly and fuss over the little things in a story I'm writing, or something. And maybe that is the point of these posts. See?


Don't fuss over the little things. Like I accept the phrases. Because time goes by too fast. A blur. And before you know it, you're looking back and don't have any more of it.


Hmm, see how this tied up? Not too bad. That's if you got to this point haha. In that case, thank you for joining me in this lunacy. Hopefully see you next time.




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