Keyboard Therapy


Another day closer to the weekend. This is a special weekend. Special week. The holdiays are special. Some celebrate a specific religious event. Some have annual festivities. One thing is for sure; you reflect upon the year gone by; upon your past and how far you've come. Maybe you think about where you're going--the path you want to take. Or perhaps you're just thankful for making it through another year. You see family and friends--eat and drink. Things get a bit mellow. For some it doesn't. Don't forget that. But relax and try to enjoy life. You are in it now, here, in this moment. If you're thinking about it while reading this, then thank you. I've shared something. As I've said before, this blog is a sort of experiment. A social media outlet, without all the garbage. A dump of thoughts. A review site. Maybe some stories. Maybe game/movie reviews. It's random.




Which gets me to another thing I've been thinking about a lot lately. My YouTube channels. I've been wanting to put up videos, but just haven't been feeling it. I can put something up, but it is (at least to me) better when I feel it. I admit, there are improvisations that take place, but overall, you have to feel it. Oh, and I can't forget trying to make this into a sort of video platform. Haha


The thing that sparks my thought is my use of the word "random". That is my other YouTube channels name. Random Will. It's an invitation for me to do whatever, randomly, sort of like this blog, and the name is supposed to have a few meanings. It's random, plus I'm random, thus Random Will, and having random will. The word, not name. Double meaning. One definition is: the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action. I'm pleased with the name. Thought on it for a bit. Even my game YouTube channel has all that good stuff. Got Game Will Play. So, you can say, like the milk slogan "Got Milk". And if you have it, a game I mean, I will play. But I'm also Will. Or like that food show/blog/whatever "Got Food Will Travel". No, fork. Yeah. "Have Fork Will Travel." Except I'm Will. Yeah, that. So... I don't have much up on that channel, either.


I did another sort of jump during the virus thing into playing Uncharted, the first game in the series. It wasn't the best quality. It was ok. I streamed through Playstation's Remote Play thing, and caught it with OBS. I told myself if it took off I'd buy the capture thing. I don't have a capture thing... Haha.


I played COD a bit, too, on it. Recorded it. That was fun. I have to get back into that. Something. I don't even play games anymore. I used to enjoy them. They were an escape. Now I have to escape to play them.


Same with creating. And I had wanted to do this little thing called writing, too. There's that.


I guess what I'm hoping is this blog will create a spark that I can blow on and make catch on some kindling and voila. Guess time will tell. Sometimes hitting the keys is therapeutic, though.




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