The Local Spirit Halloween Store Popped Up Again

I recently stopped into a Spirit Halloween store to check on something Halloween
 related and it was all decked out with ghoulish goodness. The year has gone by fast, and it fast-forwarded to the best time of the year in my opinion. The leaves change color, a chill in the air. The holidays are just around the corner. 

Take it slow. Try to savor these moments. And if your time of the year is summer, try to savor that, too. When you can. 

This Spirit store usually rents the space out annually. Back in 1999, Spencer Gifts acquired Spirit Halloween. Spencer Gifts is a novelty store that you can find in a lot of malls. They do mail order and have those nifty gadgets and gifts you can't find just anywhere. I always used to remember them for posters, musician t-shirts, and lava lamps. 

There are some great decorations at Spirit. I always love how freaky these things are. What they represent. Old horror tropes and stories that take shape in the screwed-up, twisted faces on the frightful latex.  

I used to love reaing horror magazines, skipping to the end where various masks and such caused my imagination to run wild with the back story of those characters. I guess you could say how people look at the artwork in galleries and ideas and conversation spurs from it. 

Well. Enjoy the pics and I hope to go somewhere else soon. Maybe Michael's. They probably have their Christmas stuff up already. 

Can't wait. 



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