A Milestone?

I must admit. The reason I haven't posted anything on my site lately is because I haven't been able to think of anything. I mean, I've thought of a lot, actually. But the things that do happen to claw to the top fizzle out before I even get to start editing what I'd put down on the page. It destroys me inside that I cannot seem to get the words out. Despite some techniques I've been messing around with to combat this very issue.


What I do get out I scrutinize with an invisible filter called what-will-they-think. Who is they? I don't exactly know. Or something like that. It's bad. 


To even think about something like that is ridiculous. And I guess it's like that Metallica song that goes "all these words I don't just say." To a degree now I'm thinking about not posting this because it sounds like I'm skirting around what I truly want to say. 

When writers don't have an opinion--an honest opinion--it's bad. Fiction becomes pointless. Just fiction. No true emotions. 

To have an opinion these days can be dangerous. You run the risk of pissing off this one or that one. I actually saw a situation (as I'm sure there are more of them, or maybe even this one was born of one of those others) where a creator of a horror story debated--and ultimately used--a disclaimer for their content. It was suggested by someone who was helping them. Except this was to warn of the possible triggers within--or something like that. 

It's horror! 

I guess I can see if it's that sub-genre of horror that deals with a very sensitive subject dealing with females and what happens to them and their revenge. (Personally I never understood it, but someone does. Not for me though. To each his/her own.)But this was just a regular--as far as I saw/heard--run of the mill horror story.

I can understand wanting to warn your audience about graphic content. I believe there was one before the Tales from the Crypt show on HBO (not 100% sure, but I know there were a lot of horror shows that had one) I used to watch as a child--well snuck until I made an agreement with my adult cousin that I was "mature" enough hehe. But if you are coming to a horror movie/program/what-have-you then it's pretty much known that the content just may be a bit extreme. I can see maybe to warn away a younger audience. But most of who goes to watch or read something horror knows what they may see. 

It's horror! 

Either way. Whatever. Like the song goes, if it makes you happy, then it can't be that bad, right? 


If this goes up it will be a milestone. I've been fighting with creating content. I have lots of stuff filmed for my YouTube channel. Ideas for food videos and such. Fun things. I try to stay away from all this stuff going on social media these days. But I get to the precipice, that feeling, and it just fizzles out. Mostly because I'm not someone who, well, I feel like I'm being narcissistic and it throws me off. 

Hey, maybe say something, but title the piece something totally different so it's not focused on? Eh, sounds like more of what I'm trying to stay away from. But that's writing. It makes you think. And think we will. 

If I'm going to say something I want there to be passion behind it. I want it to mean something. But sometimes it's better not to say anything. And let me tell you, I'm not controversial. I come to the table with an open mind. I like to look at things from both sides and decide what's best for me. Perhaps I can look at things and bring that both-side perspective to everyone. And then you can make your own decision. Well, maybe. That might be skirting the rule of no politics that I silently have. Though, is it politics? I don't think so. I think it's just a sort of reaction video from the point of view of someone who is looking from outside the box.

Yeah. Well, lets see how that goes. If it goes. If it comes out onto the page. And if this is up, then, well, perhaps the onslaught of material is about to happen and my creativity was sparked just enough to start a tiny flame. Will it build? Who knows. Cynical? Perhaps. But I don't care enough sometimes to put the energy into certain subjects the way others do. Either they are motivated by something personal, or trying to get views and they don't speak totally from their heart. What is the fine line between entertainment and building an audience because you say what you think they want to hear. Or having an audience who appreciates your honesty and values your viewpoint? Less content maybe? And these days more seems to be better. At least from a dollar sign perspective. Maybe I'll think about this further in another post. I sort of like where this is going. 

For now it's time to cook. And I don't mean like Breaking Bad haha. 




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