Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 12/1/2017

WCM: This Friday we just sat back and did what we do best, talk like little whinning writers. Kris was supposed to come on, but we couldn't reach him. Though, Undead Greg did give a heartfelt performance when we discovered his true past as a government experiment. Wild times! And the first time I've heard Greg cry. 

JD: And there’s nothing more pathetic than a zombie crying. It’s horrible. Undead Greg delivered a bombshell of information, pretty much outing Kris of Real Vision Radio as a homosexual, which is totally cool, because to not be a homosexual kind of makes one a homophobe in this day and age. That’s what the young cats in college are saying, anyway. 

WCM: We talked about current events and fan questions. Then dived headfirst into the drunken readings. Jesse had to drink eight shots due to, at the time of the show, the Christmas Cthulhu anthology selling eight pre-orders.

JD: I enjoyed the fan questions and current events, but the drunk reading was what I was waiting for. I’ve been waiting for so long, maybe too long, because I, err we, couldn’t make it through. I struggled to read the first chapter of Made in DNA’s Bukkake Brawl, and we failed to even get past the first few pages of Renee MIller’s story! I was drunk, but Marchese was falling asleep over there. Does my voice really do that? Maybe I should have a show where I just whisper into people’s ears. 

Outro: Kris may finally come on to clear his name, and we have Kelly Evans on to talk about the Middle Ages. I'll have my fart board out. And try not to fall asleep this time.

You can listen to the show on iTunes and YouTube and even Spreaker, Here


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