Monday Motivation 12/18/2017

Hello once again. 

This Monday, I'm thankful that things should be slowing down at the day job, and that means tons of writing time! 

People say: "So what are you going to be doing during the holidays?" 

I smile and tell them i'll be at work. They give that sympathetic look, but that's when I how it would be ridiculous not to come in, unless you had somewhere to go--perhaps in another state. And I save vacation for when I need it. 

Now I know not all are so lucky, and I really would rather be home. But, you take what you can get. 

Plus, it's been a mad house as people get their last meeting in before the holidays. 

The city is winding down and most of the days, unless you work in retail of course, are like virtual ghost towns. Mostly between Christmas and New Years. 

Now if you do work in retail, or somewhere where it's a busier day, that's still OK. You'll just get to your work at home, but you may want to try and take some days off. Like the busiest shopping days. 

I don't miss my retail jobs... 


But it's still not a total loss, as you can still catch up on writing here and there with the free Word app, or any word processing app you like. 

Remember, new beginnings coming for the New Year. Maybe I'll brush up on that next week. 

Don't despair. And keep doing what you do. 



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