Monday Motivation 12/11/2017

This Monday I gathered things I've been thinking about over the weekend and thought hard about them. 

Think about this. Do we get mad when someone gives us a critique? 

There are those who say you don't have to listen. Remember, you know what's good for you. But don't get mad at them. They may be trying to help. 

Of course are those who may have it out for you. Malicious writers, or non-writers, who wish to sabotage due to jealousy. Identify and stay away from those individuals.

Then there are those who give their view of your work, yet they know nothing of the industry. 

Listen to them. Something they say can set you off in a totally different direction. Something your tired mind couldn't conceive. And when you're working a day job and have family duties, your mind will miss a lot of things. 

Outside events can take a toll on you. News alone right now can sink the best of them. Then there are those preaching constantly about politics. Just shut that stuff off and fast. It will only screw you up. I'm not saying don't watch news, I'm saying when you're being creative don't become inundated with such nonsense. Everybody has their opinions just like when they edit or give their opinion on your story. Respect them. Take what you can. And then move on.

Remember, if someone is taking the time to mark up your paper, when they can be getting some of their own writing done in this busy world, then you know they care. Listen to them. Then get back to writing. 




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