Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 11/24/2017

WCM: Last week we discussed Black Friday, this wonderful American tradition where people punch and kick their way to great steals and deals. Unbelievable. They would even go so far as to strike a child with a shoe.

JD: but it's a tradition that offers countless examples of how savage we can be just for some discounts. Want them discounted PS4s? Best be packin heat. It would be nice if people had enough sense to NOT bring their babies! Anyone thinking a baby would shield them from ape shit aggression is just a damn fool.

WCM: This despicable tradition even moved into Europe, where the retail industry has been taking advantage of the sales. The only difference is they don’t go as crazy as in America. Though, I have to say, even though I’ve seen a few articles depictingthe treachery, I know it’s not the case everywhere. Some stores have safeguards to stop the madness. But enough of this.

We discussed Emenem and how he is mad Trump isn’t paying attention to him.

JD: Eminem tried to get Trump's attention but he won't give it! Hilarious. This is the same cool white boy that told a story about how he was fingered by a horse face woman after drinking hot butter. The guy is a joke. 

WCM: Hate to bring up the subject again, but we also discuss how people talk way too much politics. Ugh, don’t want to keep up that conversation.

JD: politics come up. They do. I'm not afraid to navigate a topic, but then again I don't buy into the game of team red vs team blue. The whole game is fucking rigged, no matter which side you're on. Anyone who thinks a politician had their back is dumb enough to trust Bill Cosby to watch their little daughter.

Outro: Next live show, we talk about what’s going on in the industry and news. Also, someone who may want to clear his name should be stopping by, as well.


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