Midweek Thoughts 12/27/2017

This slow week, I think about life and milestones. About getting up day in and day out, getting to work. First with the day job, and eventually just this--my passion. 

Waking up and continually grinding the the day job is rough enough. Then you compound on that the fact this is it. You will have different days, and more milestones and accomplishments, but you will continue to get up, like a robot, until the day you can't. 

Even positive individuals have these thoughts. I guess it's how you go at them that separates you from someone who gives up and chooses not doing what's got to be done. 

How do you go about going about? Do you give in to a mixture of not doing anything some days, and then doing things the next? Or do nothing for days on end, and have a manic unleashing of productivity? 

Let me know what you think on Twitter @Wcmarchese, or here in the comments section below. 



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