Friday Musings 12/15/2017

Coffee. (Sips.) Ah. What did they do to my leaf? Eh, maybe it's a Christmas poinsettia, or something festive. Or maybe a bodybuilder flexing his/her bisep? 
What did they do? 

Today, I ponder what it takes to become "famous." 

Now lets think about this one. Is fame giving up things? Sacrifice? When you're famous, can you do the same things you loved before? Family life, video games, TV (place whatever you like here.) 

But think about it. Sometimes it seems as though fame puts you on a totally different level. There are things you have to do to condition yourself to be more productive. And I know one can read about how to do this, or that, to help with writing time, and how to cut this and that to accomplish more creating. But is it just that? Or are those tactics just a way to get you ready, should you prove worthy to move into that slot, for success later on. 

Do you really have to give up everything "normal" people do, or can you have a measured level of both. 

You definitely have to work hard for success, and then to maintain that level takes work. But how much? 

Perhaps different levels for different people. Just like those individuals in school that were able to skate on by with less effort, where some it took hours upon hours of studying to get it into their head. 

Or perhaps it's life hacks that can open up time for you to do your thing. 

I've read articles that make you think a writer, or musician, or whatever, has a whole different lifestyle now that they've reached a certain level in their industry. And I suppose it will be that way at times. But all the time? 

I don't know. 

I like writing in that it's the closest to being normal in the creative field as you can get--at least involving your life. Writers are a nutty bunch already, so strange rituals, or whacky ways of getting things done isn't too abnormal for them. Talking to yourself and really trying to get into the character you're trying to create and make seem real. Locking yourself away for hours. Par for the course. 

Anyway. It can seem as though life is ripping away all that you love when you need to buckle down and get to work, but don't look at it that way. See your success as a good thing. You've made it. Make sure family comes first. Relax and watch some TV here and there, or play a video game. Go ahead. You deserve it. 

Enjoy your weekend. 



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