Friday Musings 11/24/2017

This Black Friday I'm playing it cool and checking out sites for sales. Cyber Monday, as well. I don't like shopping in retail stores as it is, imagine when there are a ton of people fighting to get at sales. 

Not for me. 

I'm working anyway. Should be slow, so i'll catch up on some writing and editing. 

Things didn't go as expected with my Turkey. The aluminum pan I used for my mammoth bird had some sort of slit in the bottom and all the chicken stock leaked out as I inserted it all into the oven. Mixed juices went everywhere. I was pissed. Badly. Chef Ramsey comes to mind. Though I might have made him blush. 

Everything I tried to do did not work. My wife and I decided to run to the supermarket. We needed a few things, anyway. 

Other things Hindered my goal, but I persevered. And that is my point in this post. 

You don't give up because of a set back--not even a major one. Because these times are what define you on the road to your dreams. These little tests are what build you, to see if you are going to give up or move forward. 

If you let it take over, you are destined for failure. But, maybe you step back, even if for the night, a few days, but come right back swinging. That's when you have the recipe for success. 
There are many sayings I can post here for inspiration, one that comes to mind often is Rocky telling his son about how life isn't about how hard you get hit, but how you keep getting up after taking those hits. Profound, if you ask me. 

By the way, I got up and kept swinging. 


Let me know a set back of yours that didn't hold you back. I'll be looking to read your comments.


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