Monday Motivation 11/20/2017

This week is Thanksgiving in the States and everything is winding down. People slowing and getting ready to see family in other states, or simply at home.

There is a rush to leave at certain points, but it's not too bad--unless you are the one in the traffic.

I have thanks because I was going to send a story out and asked some fellow writers to beta before. Good thing I did. 

It was sort of a let down, when I realized how much work lay ahead. But no one said this would be easy. 

Plus, the suggestions by by buddies Gary Buller and Jesse Dedman were awesome and just what I needed to go off in another direction.

Sometimes that's just what you need, a different perspective. 

The world is moving fast, kids, spouse, work, etc. Sometimes we can't think if things because our minds are wound up so tight. But then along comes that spark and bam! 

Now, this Monday, I type this out on my phone while I shove a donut and coffee down my throat, and mentally plan out what I'm going to do in my spare time. Hopefully it's not too busy today. 

I guess this Monday I say. Be thankful that there is always another chance, whether it be the next day or next week. This isn't something that has to be done RIGHT NOW. 

Slow down and do it right.

Now get back to what you do! 


If you have a blog you want me to shout out, let me know. If you want to do a guest post, let me know as well. Or if you want to come on the Deadman's Tome podcast. You can hit me up on Twitter. We can discuss. 


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