Monday Motivation 12/25/2017

Today, on Christmas--Merry Christmas, by the way. 

I choose to leave all my first posts up, so if anyone cares to check, maybe one day when my name means a bit more in the Horror industry, they can see my progress. 

Maybe I can be an inspiration to someone starting out. 

Perhaps my experiences can motivate and give that push someone needs to go ahead with their career. 

That is what I had planned from the start with my blog. No reason to be selfish.

Those who really want to be a writer, like myself, will know what the writer giving advice is saying. They will read between the lines and know how to use the info presented. Because sometimes writers can be cryptic with their advice, whether because they don't want anyone threatening their spot, or because they just aren't good at teaching. 

Then there will be those writers who don't care enough to take advice. Maybe they think they know everything, or just want to see their name on a book and will be satisfied. 

I want to entertain and supply an escape for someone who may be going through a hard time, or just wants to curl up with a nice story before heading off to sleep. 

I will continue to move on, learn, hone my craft (you're gonna hear that quite a few times from writers self help outlets--the honing part) and offer the best quality work I can. 

This blog is an update and place for thoughts and comments. To interact with fans and other writers alike. It is also a time machine, which shows my evolution and meager begining. 

Am I embarrassed? No. 

Do I cringe at times. I won't lie, yes. 

Am I proud? Oh yeah. 

The best is yet to come.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 



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