Friday Musings 12/29/2017

Happy Friday. The last Friday of 2017! 

New beginnings. This is the perfect time to start that thing  you love. Do it. Write, or write more. Don't give up. You can get there. 

It's a great excuse to start, with the new year and all. But you really don't need that to kick you off. You can start right now. Right this very minute. Be ready for when the ball drops. I don't rely on luck or superstitions. They can be fun, but are not needed. Simply get out there and do it. You failed? Okay, get over it, get some sleep, and do it again. 

And again. 

Until you have achieved your goal. Remember, when it comes time to meet your maker, you're going to wish you had taken that chance. 

So go out there, get to it. Life is short and once you start following your passion you'll see how much shorter it can be. 

See you at the top. 

Happy New Year! 



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