Midweek Thoughts 12/13/2017

This week I'm thinking of what Steve Casey commented on in a prior post of mine. Steve said he has so many ideas going through his head because he writes on the slower side.

That's cool, everyone has their own way of doing things. And in the end, he has a lot more content to pick and choose from for the next project. The next mission. And that's good. That's really good. 

Just sayin'. 

Let's think about how writers create, and how new ideas are formed. Every one uses different methods and tactics. 

When I write an idea, or a scene, I put it aside. I have many ideas incubating, waiting for me to use in a folder on my drive. 

I don't have to write a story from any particular one, I can use some merely for a story scene. But when the urge happens, or my muse nags, I jot down the idea, or scene, and set it aside. Keep in mind these are most times very sloppy and written like a thought rather than anything close to what the first draft will look like. 

You can say, it's my personal format, because I may be the only one who knows what the heck I've written about. Though possible another writer may glean something they can use, most likely it won't be what I had in mind. 

Then there are times when I start writing a story and don't stop until the end. The story just comes that easy. A few that come to mind are Daddy, Unnerving Magazine 3, I Die Before I Wake in Trickster's Treats and Upon Reflection in Aphotic Realm's issue 2. 

These tales worked themselves out fairly quick, and they gained clarity from that speed. Continuity. Though that's for another post. 

Then there are the stories that have gone through a bunch of iterations, and still need a lot of work and attention to get them right. Those are mostly older ones I wanted to make work for whatever reason.

There should always be fresh ideas that come to you, but when the well has run dry, (for whatever reason, stress, life, work,) it's good to know you have ideas to fall back on.

Now of course I had posted how just sitting down and writing anything can snap you out of this, but it's nice to have that idea or premise there when your muse has flew the coup. It may be the difference between sanity and having someone fit you for a new jacket that has such long sleeves. But then again, no one said writers were sane. Right? But that's for another post. Just sayin'. 



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