Friday Musings 12/8/2017

Today I have absolutely nothing. I’m drawing a blank. And the more I press myself, the less I can think of.
Ever feel like this? Where you can manage to sit in front of your computer, or have pen to paper, and nothing comes out?
There are those who call it Writer’s Block. And those who don’t believe. Writer’s block is real if you let it trap you. But there is a way to defeat it.
You can do a search and many remedies come up. But one of the easiest I’ve found to tackle this writer’s ailment is to just write.
Write anything. Even if it’s just your thoughts about whatever pops into your mind: the sky, trees, that person walking down the block. Let your mind open onto the page. Anything. And continue until something you want comes out. 

Think of it like running your faucet to let out the bad water when it hasn’t been used for a bit. After the darker water comes out, it flows clear.
Eventually you will start writing what you need to. It will flow. See what I did there?
Or you will go on a different path with something else that interests you, and later come back to what you were planning and couldn’t get out.
It’s not hard and should guarantee a great output each time you try it.
But you have to do it. Easier said than done. Blah blah. I know if may feel strange at first, going against what you believe about writing. But it does work. And when I say think about anything, I mean anything. If you’re in front of your computer, just write, as I sit here, in front of my computer, I look out the window and think about all the things I could be writing. Random things like that. Thought processes. And keep going. Eventually meaningfull things will start to form. 
There you go. Now you’re writing. And the Writer’s Block has been destroyed. Psst, there never was any. It's an ailment of a worried mind, a writer scared they wonder live up to their prior accomplishments. But guess what, you are you and unless you plagerized, you will write more and better than before. 
Wow, now look at that. I have a full post for my Friday Musings blog, from doing just this. Go figure.


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